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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers China

Start-up phase: Before the start-up, all preparations must be made before the start-up, that is, brown fused alumina factory connecting electrodes and adjusting the length of the electrodes. When starting the furnace, the arc starting object should be placed. There are three kinds of "paper tube method", "carbon rod method" and "charcoal method" for starting the arc of aluminum oxide abrasive.

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After the electrode is arced, wait for the current to rise to 20%-50% of the load, you can add a small amount of green silicon carbide material in the arc area to suppress the arc, and when the current rises to 80%, you can add the material into the melting stage. Oven method is characterized by thick material layer, and arc light is completely covered by the aluminum oxide grit material layer during most of the smelting. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

The smelting stage accounts for more than 80% of the total silicon carbide abrasive smelting time. At this time, the heat of the hearth is relatively large, and the recycled material is easily passivated. Because the arc is affected by the electromagnetic force and often drifts outside the electrode, the recycled material can be loaded on the white aluminum oxide abrasive periphery of the electrode. Smelting stage: Smelting is divided into furnace method (thick material layer) and open furnace method (thin material layer). 

(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)The size of the electric furnace is different, and the thickness of the pink corundum material layer is different. For the electric furnace with a capacity of 1800-2500KVA, the thickness of the material layer in the initial stage of smelting is generally about 600-1000mm, and intermittent feeding is generally used in the middle, that is, where it sinks, it is added regularly furnace. The black silicon carbide material layer is gradually thinned in the later period.

The characteristics of the radon open furnace method are that the black corundum material layer is thin and the arc light is exposed for a long time. During the smelting period, periodic batch feeding is adopted, and the thickness of the material layer is generally about 300mm. The corundum quality of the open furnace method is more uniform, but the white fused aluminium oxide power consumption is higher and the production efficiency is lower.(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

This stage melts the furnace charge into a liquid state, the white alumina impurities are reduced, low-melting substances are generated and separated from the corundum melt. When smelting of white corundum adopts thin material layer, arc light is often used, and the thickness of material layer is generally 150-200mm. Its advantage is that the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit product has a whiter color and better segregation of impurities β-Al2O3.

The electric furnace is in the best working condition. However, the heat loss is large and the brown aluminium oxide melting time is longer. In the thick material layer smelting, the arc light is covered by the material layer for a long time, and only intermittent arc light is run. This brown fused alumina 60 grit process is suitable for high-power electric furnaces, especially furnaceless lining electric furnaces, and has the advantages of high heat utilization rate, short melting time, and convenient mechanical feeding.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)The disadvantage is that the brown aluminum oxide product has poor color and poor β-Al2O3 segregation. In the smelting, attention should be paid to preventing and eliminating various abnormal phenomena, such as string furnace, firing, and furnace lining, etc., to promote better and faster melting of brown fused alumina suppliers. During the smelting period, the working voltage and rated power input are used, and the material is fed at normal speed.

It is better to have constant power automatic control device and dosing equipment.The unmelted charge can be used as the brown fused alumina smelting reclaimed material, but it must undergo strict magnetic separation, because white corundum is strictly prohibited from infiltrating into the charge. The block size of the recycled aluminium oxide grit suppliers material should not be too large, it is better to be about 10mm. The recycled material is preferably added in the middle of smelting.(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

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