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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers UK

The first to appreciate the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit material is the Japanese. The Japanese abrasives company uses it to clean the turbine blades of nuclear power plants. The main component is aluminum oxide. The brown aluminium oxide manufacturer containing iron oxide, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide has moderate hardness and good toughness, so it has high efficiency of sand blasting and descaling for turbine blades.

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It can achieve the effect of not only completely descaling, but also not damaging the white alumina performance of turbine blades. It has perfected many sand blasting materials with high hardness. After years of development, black corundum has been used for grinding, polishing and cutting of stainless steel, ordinary steel, bamboo wood, glass and other workpieces. It is worth mentioning that brown fused alumina for grinding has unique advantages in polishing stainless steel.(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers uk)

From the above process, we can see that the brown aluminium oxide has a very simple forming process. When using abrasives such as brown corundum and white corundum to polish stainless steel, which will cause the surface of stainless steel to deviate from its essential color Reduce the color value of stainless steel. The surface color of the stainless steel polished with brown aluminum oxide blast media is uniform, close to the essential color, and it lasts for a long time, with excellent appearance effect.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers uk)In the field of abrasive materials, "who is better to use pink corundum, brown corundum or black corundum"? I think there is no standard answer to this question. For any material with special properties, its properties can always be exerted in some specific fields. Through the deep understanding of the properties of white aluminum oxide 120 grit, the "ability" of black corundum products is constantly improved, and its application field is also expanding. 

In short, the preparation and application route of brown aluminum oxide is generally as follows: high-temperature melting smelting and cooling in an electric arc furnace with high-temperature bauxite or bauxite added with high-alumina iron ore to obtain the black corundum block, which is the gray black crystal of the main ore phase of the iron aluminum spinel and α - alumina, and then crushing and grading the brown fused alumina grit block Granular black corundum.(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers uk)

A large number of practices have proved that a single white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit has obvious advantages in the surface treatment of workpieces with high requirements for stainless steel's equal color value, there will be ablation phenomenon in some places, while the combination of black corundum, black silicon carbide suppliers, white corundum, silicon carbide, zirconium corundum and their deep-processing products can integrate the advantages of both, reflecting better performance than a single abrasive.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media suppliers uk)Its raw materials can be the leftovers of bauxite used in the production of brown fused alumina, the recycled materials of thermal insulation materials in steel plants and iron refineries, or bauxite with high iron oxide content. In addition, the energy consumption of the production of black corundum is only about two-thirds of that of black silicon carbide factory, which is low. In addition, reduction atmosphere is not required in the smelting process, and there is little CO2 emission.

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