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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Taiwan

Formaldehyde first reacts with the para-parameter of the brown fused alumina factory benzene ring in the linear resin to form methylol compounds, and then further polycondenses to form a network structure. The hardening agent of the thermoplastic phenolic resin is urotropine, brown aluminum oxide 70 grit which reacts with water to form CH2O, it has excellent performance. 

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Insufficient amount of corundum white curing agent, resin is not completely hardened, affecting the strength and hardness of the abrasive, too high amount of addition, the excess curing agent does not combine with the resin powder, decompose and volatilize during the hardening process, increase the porosity of the abrasive, reduce white aluminum oxide 220 grit tool hardness and strength, and silicone-modified phenol resin.(brown aluminum oxide blast media taiwan)

Modified resins include phenol-acetal resin, phenol-epoxy resin, boron phenol resin. Epoxy resin refers to a linear polymer formed by the white fused alumina oxide mfg interaction of a polymer compound containing an epoxy group or a compound capable of generating an epoxy group in a reaction with a substance having an active hydroxyl group in some compositions. The white aluminium oxide manufacturer properties of the cured product depend on the type of hardener. With dosage.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media taiwan)If the solid content is low, the hardness and strength of the manufactured white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit will decrease. The solid content of the resin liquid must be controlled during production. The resin liquid binder made with ammonia water as a catalyst has high bonding strength and good fire resistance; the brown fused aluminum oxide factory resin liquid binder made with sodium hydroxide as a catalyst has poor bonding strength and fire resistance.

The phenolic resin binder has higher heat resistance and brown fused alumina good mechanical properties after curing, but the phenolic hydroxyl group and methylene group in the structure are easily oxidized, which affects the heat resistance and oxidation resistance. The presence of methylene causes the cured binder to show certain brittleness and other weaknesses, buy brown fused alumina which needs to be modified to overcome it. Bialdehyde A-type epoxy resin.(brown aluminum oxide blast media taiwan)

The mass of brown aluminum oxide thermosetting phenolic resin at 180 ° C after polycondensation and hardening is called solid content. The solid content determines the hardness and strength of the abrasive to varying degrees. The epoxy resin commonly used in China is an E-type epoxy resin, which is gradually polymerized by two monomers, epichlorohydrin and bisaldehyde A (diphenol propane), under the white aluminum oxide blast media action of a basic catalyst (NO2OH).

(brown aluminum oxide blast media taiwan)The number of epoxy groups in epoxy resin is an important indicator. The brown aluminium oxide epoxy resin is a light yellow to amber transparent liquid or solid under normal pressure, and can be dissolved in organic solutions such as acetone, toluene and xylene. It is a linear structure that does not cure by itself. Only when the hardener is added to crosslink the linear structure into a network or white fused aluminum oxide body structure to form an insoluble substance.

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