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Brown Aluminum Oxide Blast Media USA

The axis of the small tool holder and the axis of the large tool holder are usually 5 ° ~ 30 ° to each other. The 100 grit aluminum oxide white feed depth of turning is selected according to rough turning and finish turning, the feed depth of each grinding wheel shall not exceed 0.6mm at most, and when it is close to the brown fused alumina oxide size, the feed depth shall be reduced; machining allowance, grain size and hardness of grinding wheel. 

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The grinding methods of grinding wheel include: brown fused alumina grinding wheel, grinding wheel hole diameter with grinding wheel, grinding wheel outer diameter with each other, grinding wheel hole diameter with bit guide and grinding wheel plane with diamond saw blade. There are two grinding methods of grinding wheel: horizontal grinding and vertical grinding. The green carborundum shapes of horizontal and vertical external grinder are shown in the figure respectively.(brown aluminum oxide blast media usa)

When processing the outer diameter of the black corundum grinding wheel with thin thickness, several pieces can be clamped at a time to improve the processing efficiency. However, the matching error with the grinding wheel aperture will increase due to the wear of the main shaft and the shaft sleeve when the horizontal cylindrical grinder is clamped, arc fused alumina grinding wheel plane with emery, after the completion of processing, and the processed grinding wheel is prone to "eccentricity".

(brown aluminum oxide blast media usa)The processing equipment includes flat grinder and semi-automatic flat grinder. The brown aluminum oxide working speed of grinding wheel and grinding wheel the working line speed of grinding wheel is generally 26 ~ 35m / s, the linear speed of the grinding wheel to be processed is usually 1 / 4 ~ 1 / 5 of the silicon carbide companies grinding wheel, the spindle speed of grinding wheel is generally divided into two gears, when processing larger grinding wheel, select lower speed.

Key points of operation: after the pink corundum grinding wheel is installed, it can be processed after idling for 5-10min and normal operation; the accuracy of the outer diameter of the main shaft, the inner diameter of the shaft sleeve and the outer diameter of the installed grinding wheel shall meet the requirements; the dust on the surface of the fused alumina grinding wheel shall be blown by compressed air, when processing smaller grinding wheel, select higher speed.(brown aluminum oxide blast media usa)

Grinding wheel surface with steel sand is processed on a special surface grinder. The brown aluminium oxide grinding disc is driven by the main motor of the grinder. The rotating pressure plate gives a certain pressure to the grinding wheel and drives the grinding wheel to rotate at a certain speed. A uniform layer of steel sand is removed from the grinding disc. The black oxide aluminum grinding wheel used to process the grinding stone plane is bowl shaped or parallel grinding wheel.

(brown aluminum oxide blast media usa)The grinding wheel is installed on the grinding wheel frame and driven by the motor alone. Vertical grinder can effectively prevent "eccentricity" and silicon carbide price has high machining accuracy. The diameter of the pressure plate requires that the area of the pressure plate to hold the grinding wheel shall not be less than 1 / 2 of the swing of the pressure plate, and the size of the grinding wheel out of the edge of the glass beads supplier grinding plate shall not exceed 30mm.

There are 2-3 kinds of white alumina spindle speed of lathe clamping wheel, or stepless speed change, generally according to the range of 7-15m / s linear speed of the outer diameter of wheel. This method is to use the grinding wheel to grind the outside diameter and the hole diameter of the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers grinding wheel, and also to grind the plane or the irregular plane with the grinding wheel. The common equipments are horizontal lathe and vertical lathe.

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