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Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Suppliers South Africa

The working electrolyte not only acts as the cathode of electrolytic capacitor, but also can provide o - constantly to supply anode to repair the damaged oxide film(brown aluminium oxide). If the ability of repairing oxide film and preventing the deterioration of oxide film is poor, the leakage current of the product will be large and the leakage current will rise(aluminum oxide blasting). The leakage current of electrolytic capacitor increases with the increase of applied voltage.

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In addition, the water in the electrolyte will make the oxidized knee form a hydrated oxide film(pink corundum), which will reduce the saturation property of the dielectric film, which will also increase the leakage current. Because the dust in the air may contain conductive particles, and hand sweat contains high concentration of Cl(glass bead abrasive), these are also the reasons that seriously affect the current demand of the product and make it larger.(brown aluminum oxide grit suppliers south africa)

Moreover, the aging process conditions mainly refer to the voltage and time of room temperature and high temperature aging, the rate of voltage rise and constant current, etc(brown aluminum oxide). The purpose of aging is not only to eliminate the early defective products, but also to fully repair the damaged oxidation film, so as to make the oxide film (Al2O3) become a high-quality dielectric film(aluminum oxide sandblasting). If the repair is not sufficient, the leakage current will increase or rise.

(brown aluminum oxide grit suppliers south africa)For m value, besides the current regulation of oxide film itself, the influence of leakage current on capacitor surface should also be considered(aluminum oxide grit). The raw materials of electrolytic capacitor, especially the material of the core, have great influence on the current tracing, including the purity of aluminum box and lead wire(glass beads manufacturers), various chemical reagents used in electrolyte, deionized water and impurity content in electrolytic paper.

When the applied voltage is lower than the rated operating voltage ur of the capacitor(brown fused alumina), the leakage current increases slowly with the increase of the applied voltage, while the leakage current increases sharply when the applied voltage exceeds UVA. The graph curve can also be used to measure the quality of products(steel shot abrasive). The properties are easily affected by the terrain of raw materials, process factors and process hygiene.(brown aluminum oxide grit suppliers south africa)

The law is: when the electric field strength reaches a certain value(white alumina), some impurity ions with weak beam in dielectric crystal will participate in conductivity under the action of strong electric field force, and with the increase of voltage, the number of impurity ions participating in conductance increases sharply(garnet abrasive price), so the leakage current of electrolytic capacitor increases greatly The pressure duration t is shown in the figure.

(brown aluminum oxide grit suppliers south africa)For different types of electrolytic capacitors with different values and low leakage current products, k = 0.001 ~ 0.002(black corundum). It can be seen from the figure that in the initial stage of applied voltage, the leakage current decreases rapidly with the increase of applied voltage duration, and finally reaches a certain stable value(white aluminium oxide grit). If the quality is good, the leakage current decreases rapidly and the stable value is small, otherwise, it is poor quality.

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