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Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Wholesale Suppliers Germany

The No. 2 blast furnace of China Capital Iron and Steel Company has a capacity of 1327 meters(black aluminum oxide). For the first time, a top-fired hot blast stove was successfully adopted, and the air temperature can reach more than 1200 ℃. In countries such as West Germany, Moumoto and the Soviet Union(brown alumina abrasive), it was put into production in January 1976 and used 3.5 Years later, top-fired hot blast stoves are still in the industrial test stage.

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If the blast furnace hot air furnace uses light refractory bricks(pink aluminum oxide), it should be compatible with the material of the working layer, that is, the silicon brick furnace lining, then use light silicon brick as the heat insulation layer. As high as the temperature of the hot blast stove, the dome shell is stressed by the acidic condensate in the furnace gas(white fused aluminum oxide refractory), resulting in stress in the crystal temple, causing cracks or cracks.

To this end, various countries have taken many protective measures(aluminum oxide abrasive), such as after building light-weight refractory bricks, a layer of lead corrugated board to prevent the overflow of soil acid gas, and then turn over the work lining; In the case of siliceous acid spray paint(white corundum price), the work is periodic, Japan and the United States and other countries use modified trees to make high temperature resistant acid resistant coating materials.

The structure and operation system of the burner have a great influence on the work of the commercial furnace hot blast stove(aluminum oxide grit). Large and medium blast furnace hot blast stoves generally use ceramic burners. This type of burner is built with time-fired materials in the combustion chamber, the temperature fluctuation is about 600 ℃(brown fused alumina micro), and it is affected by air flow erosion and chemical erosion, and the use conditions are poor.

China's blast furnace hot blast stove ceramic burners are generally prefabricated with Xiehuo castables, which are large in size and can be installed on site(brown fused alumina). The construction speed is fast and the use effect is good; At the nozzle of the upper brick burner of the brick masonry, after 13 months of use, the masonry cracked, but it can still be used(aluminum oxide blasting grit); when MKI-80 mullite corundum brick is used, the possession is still intact.

The lining of the furnace wall around the hot air outlet, the door to the upper air duct and the corner of the air duct are generally made of high-alumina brick or mullite brick(brown aluminum oxide). Due to the complicated structure and high temperature, when the brick with poor creep resistance is used, the brick drop phenomenon often occurs(white fused alumina abrasives). As a result, the furnace shell or the tube shell became red and forced to reduce or even stop the furnace.

For example, the average air temperature of a blast furnace external combustion hot blast furnace in West Germany is 1246 ° C(brown aluminium oxide), and the highest is 1880 ° C, the brick falling phenomenon occurs within 12 months of production; which are applied to the inner surface of the furnace shell at high temperature parts to prevent the corrosion of acid liquid(white aluminium oxide blasting media). This phenomenon is more serious when the furnace roof insulation is too thick.

When the lining of the tuyere and the air pipe interface or the corner is laid(white aluminium oxide), when the red column brick with 70% Al2O3 content is used for brick building, after switching to sintered corundum brick, The service life is 15 ~ 27 months; when high alumina brick or mullite brick is used to build the furnace mound around the tuyere, and the main air duct is lined with black silica brick(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit), excellent use effect is obtained.

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