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There are more than ten electrolytic technical conditions, of which five or six play a major role(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). During this period, many studies have shown that the current efficiency can be increased by about 1 ~ 2% when the electrolyte temperature is reduced by 10 ℃ (but the premise is that reducing the temperature will not lead to the deterioration of other process conditions))(aluminium oxide grit suppliers).

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Electrolyte temperature is one of the most important process parameters in electrolytic process(steel shot abrasive). Moreover, the research shows that reducing the electrolyte temperature can improve the current efficiency. The most important technical parameters are: set voltage(white aluminum oxide grit), reference blanking interval, effect interval, etc(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Those who adopt this method believe that for modern physical field design (especially magnetic). 

For a good large tank (especially a very large tank)(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), the electrolyte temperature does not have a significant effect on the current efficiency, but the stability of the electrolytic phase has a more significant effect on the current efficiency(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). The aluminum industry has been trying to reduce the electrolyte temperature, because lower temperature means lower power consumption(including reducing the initial product point).

There are undoubtedly two ways to reduce the electrolyte temperature(180 grit aluminum oxide), reducing the electrolyte superheat and reducing the initial crystal point of the electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Electrolyte superheat refers to the difference between the electrolyte temperature and the initial product point (or melting point and initial product temperature) of the electrolyte(aluminium oxide blasting media). There are indeed successful examples of this approach in our country.

The most prominent common shortcoming is to reduce the solubility of alumina (calculated by adding the same mass percentage, the order of the effect of additives to reduce the solubility is LiF>AIF>MgF>Ca)(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Modern pre-cultivation tanks use point feeders to achieve quasi-continuous feeding, and the advanced control system finely adjusts the voltage and controls the feeding process(white fused alumina). But there are also the same shortcomings.

Because the coagulant electrolyte is non-conductive(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa), when the superheat is too low, the thermal balance and fluctuation of the electrolytic cell (such as the temperature fluctuation caused by the interference of manual operations such as aluminum discharge and anode change) will cause great fluctuations, such as voltage fluctuation, Precipitation, etc., which makes the electrolytic test unable to operate normally(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman).

In other words, there must be a certain degree of superheat before electrolytic production can be carried out normally(garnet blasting media). Of course, the superheat cannot be too high, which will affect the current efficiency and increase the energy consumption. In order to reduce the electrolyte temperature greatly, we must try to reduce the initial crystal point of the electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). This Law of human health also applies to electrolytic cells.

As for how high superheat should be maintained properly(black aluminum oxide blast media), it depends on the stability of electrolytic wrong operation and control(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). In the past, the whole family used to manually control the electrolytic cell for blanking and voltage adjustment. Because the temperature fluctuated greatly, the superheat remained high (20 ~ 25 ℃)(black aluminum oxide). The initial solid point of the electrolyte is determined by the composition of the electrolyte.

For example, the melting point of normal cryolite is 1009 ℃(aluminum oxide blast media canada). If alumina is added to keep the oxidation error concentration at 5% ~ 10%, the corresponding melting point is reduced to 980 ℃ ~ 960 ℃(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Accordingly, the electrolyte temperature needs to be maintained at 1000 ~ 980 ℃(silicon carbide abrasive powder). In addition, we should pay attention to the analysis of the chair state, study the trend of the slot, and take preventive measures before rain and fog.

Self constant current capacity(black silicon carbide). In order to reduce the initial product point, people have studied a variety of additives that can improve the physical and chemical properties of electrolyte, which leads to the use of AF, CaF2, MF2, l positive and other additives, which reduces the initial product point of electrolyte in modern lead electrolysis to below 950 ℃, and correspondingly reduces the electrolyte temperature to below 970 ℃(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman).

The above discussion shows that the degree of reducing the degree of superheat is limited, because modern point-type cutting and computer control systems have reduced the degree of superheat to 10°C, and there is not much room for further reduction(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Obtain high current efficiency and better management of surface and slot, the change of insulation material on the cell surface and the change of blanking volume(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

Therefore(120 grit aluminum oxide), many factories always take the adjustment of electrolyte composition (and adjust other technical conditions accordingly) as one of the main means to improve their technical and economic indicators, but different enterprises have adopted different methods(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). Therefore, the degree of superheat can be kept low (10~12℃), which is one of the important reasons for the improvement of current efficiency.

For example, my country has the following methods in recent years(pink corundum): One approach is to reduce the molecular ratio as much as possible (using a molecular ratio of 20 to 21), and reduce the electrolyte temperature accordingly, and control the normal electrolyte to 935 to 945°C(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Therefore, on the other hand, due to the increase of the electrolyte resistivity, the reduction of the operating voltage is limited(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). 

In particular, adding AF is essentially to reduce the molecular ratio, and it has been widely used in modern large-scale pre-cultivation(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). But it is very difficult to maintain such technical conditions(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). In addition, the too low molecular ratio is suspected to be a reason for the decrease of the cell life, the reason is that the increase of AC, the dissolution loss , Resulting in increased corrosion of the cathode and the lining(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit).

At present, many factories use a molecular ratio of 2.1 to 22 (equivalent to adding 147% to 127% of AF3 in cryolite)(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). The second method is to maintain the molecular ratio in the range of 23-25, do not pursue the continued reduction of molecular ratio and temperature, and do not consider other additives other than aluminum chloride, but emphasize the maintenance of appropriate (lower) electrolyte superheat(glass bead abrasive).

By maintaining a higher initial electrolyte temperature (rather than increasing the superheat) to maintain a higher cell temperature (955~%5℃)(80 grit aluminum oxide), the electrolytic cell can be maintained with better stability and self-balance performance, which is not the same as the instrument(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers oman). On the one hand, it has high requirements for cutting control, and it is prone to problems of precipitation or excessive effects(silicon carbide powder).

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