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It is well known that the upper and lower parts of the blast furnace body bear the mechanical wear of materials and the chemical attack of flowing iron, respectively(black aluminum oxide). In terms of the damage mechanism of the refractory brick lining of the furnace wall, it can also be divided into two categories: mechanical wear and chemical erosion(silicon carbide grit suppliers). The former's damage speed is constant; the latter's erosion is very fast at the beginning of the furnace.

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In the middle and later stages of the furnace(pink aluminum oxide), the blast furnace committee of the British Refractory Association put forward four requirements for the material of the furnace wall: the true porosity should be less than 15%; as the lining's thinning surface is cooled by water, the erosion speed is reduced(carborundum powder). At the same time, the content of alkaline oxides and zinc, lead and other substances in the charge should be minimized.

According to the survey results of more than 500 blast furnaces in various countries around the world(silicon carbide price), according to the damage mechanism of refractory materials for furnace walls, The property is that the Morgan-Marshall hardness value is less than 100; the change of reburning wire is generally zero after heating at 1410 ° C for 2 hours(aluminum oxide blasting), that is, the change is small; resistance to (Cx) erosion, that is, heating at 450 ° C for 200 hours, is not eroded.

In addition, in order to reduce the chemical erosion rate(green carborundum), the iron oxide content in the refractory bricks should be reduced as much as possible to improve the thermal conductivity, strengthen the cooling facilities or reduce the thickness of the furnace needle. In addition, the blast furnace waist and furnace body of the two German(silicon carbide abrasive powder), French and Italian countries are generally made of clay bricks and high aluminum bricks, and good results have been achieved.

These bricks are generally made of low-iron and low-yielding fire belly materials, which are formed by high-pressure molding and high-temperature firing(brown fused alumina). The total volume density is high, the porosity is low, the load softening temperature is high and the high temperature strength is large. The furnace inspection was stopped(alumina polishing powder). The average wear of the furnace was 13 mm, and the corrosion of K2CO3 and other substances was also slight.

In the Netherlands and other countries, 50% phosphoric acid solution is used to impregnate clay bricks and high alumina bricks, which can improve alkali resistance and extend the life of the blast furnace wall by 10%(brown aluminum oxide); the residual lining strength was high, the United States uses phosphate grade high alumina bricks in the blast furnace bodyV. It has been used for five years and has an iron output of more than 4 million tons(low density white alumina). Wait for a comparative test.

As we all know, the most vulnerable parts of the wall lining of modern large and medium-sized blast furnaces are the furnace belly and the lower part of the furnace body(brown aluminium oxide), because a variety of high-grade refractory materials have been selected for trial than other countries. At the same time, in order to improve the chemical resistance and wear resistance(aluminium oxide polishing powder), some countries have tried magnesia bricks and magnesia chrome bricks.

In May 1974, Japan New 1st Iron Corporation built sticky bricks, high-alumina bricks(white aluminium oxide), clay bonded silicon carbide bricks, silicon nitride bonded carbide bricks, and silicon carbide graphite bricks in the lower part of the No. 3 blast furnace body of Murex Factory(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). After a year and a half of production practice, the erosion speed is correspondingly 0.51, 0.36, 0.50, 0.10 and 0.24 mm / mesh, that is, the latter two materials have better effect but higher cost.

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