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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sand Wholesale Price Pakistan

The molten iron tank is the equipment for holding and transporting molten iron(emery abrasive). When the molten iron is shipped, the tank lining is subject to high temperature, thermal shock, mechanical wear and chemical erosion of flow and iron; when the molten iron is poured out, the impact surface of molten iron is even more eroded(white fused aluminum oxide). At the same time, the hot metal tank works under the alternate condition of high and low temperature.

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It should be pointed out that the average service life of the ladle lining is 290 times and 160 times respectively, i.e. close to three months and two months(brown fused alumina). When sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) is used as desulfurizer, the tank lining is melted directly to accelerate the damage of slag line; when calcium carbide (Ca2) is used as dealkalization agent(brown fused alumina for abrasive), the slag substation is easy to hang on the tank wall and difficult to be cleaned and buried.

For example, when the content of manganese, phosphorus and other elements in molten iron is high and the content of silicon is low(brown aluminum oxide), the temperature of molten iron is on the high side and the tank lining is damaged greatly; when desulfuration is carried out in molten iron, the movement of molten iron is intense(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). Therefore, aluminum silicate refractories with high pressure resistance and thermal shock stability should be selected as the lining of hot metal tank.

The capacity of the ladle used for the new Lipetsk iron and steel blast furnace in the Soviet Union is 100 tons and140 tons(brown aluminium oxide), and the bottom of the ladle is built with A-class bricks by ten cross method. When the ring method is used to lay the bottom, the service life of the bottom can be nearly doubled, and the consumption of refractory materials can be reduced from 1.4kg/t iron to 0.6kg/t iron(synthetic corundum); The longer the interval between them, the greater the damage of tank lining.

In case of partial damage, chuanshui glass is repaired with fire-resistant spray paint(white alumina). In this way, the lining life can be prolonged and the consumption of refractories can be reduced. In the United States, the lining of hot metal ladle for blast furnace is generally made of bricks, and the slag line is sometimes made of high alumina bricks(silicon carbide companies); in this case, the lining is made of wax stone bricks, with a service life of 70g ~ 1000 times.

In addition, the blast furnace of gorsk iron and Steel Co. is lined with hot metal ladle and 1 upper brick(black aluminum oxide). With the development of large-scale blast furnace and oxygen converter, the equipment for transporting molten iron has also been developed. When the desulfurizer is added, the basicity of the slag in the car changes greatly, which causes serious erosion to the lining(green carborundum). The thickness of the side wall at the round part is 345mm.

In foreign large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises, the required type of hot metal tank is commonly used, which is called mixed iron for short(pink aluminum oxide). The capacity of the mixer is generally 100-150 tons, and the large one can hold 400-800 tons of molten iron(aluminum oxide grit). Under certain protective conditions, the mixer can transport molten iron to 50 kilometers or more, and the temperature of molten iron is reduced less, which can save energy for steelmaking.

Therefore, the lining needs to be constructed by combining asphalt with dolomite brick or andalusite, and its work is reliable(silicon carbide price). The lining of American mixer is generally made of clay brick and high aluminum brick. The thickness of the bottom of the cylinder and the impact surface of molten iron is 455mm or 610mm(aluminum oxide abrasive). The upper lining of the cylinder is relatively thin to save refractory materials and reduce weight, which aggravates the erosion of tank lining.

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