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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sand Wholesale Suppliers Canada

The abrasive particles can continuously expose new cutting edges during the grinding process(black aluminum oxide), which can maintain the grinding wheel with high grinding stability. Among them, the traditional molten corundum abrasive particles are flattened and passivated after the working point is removed. It can carry out large depth of cut, large feed, heavy load and efficient grinding, showing a microscopic fracture.

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Under the action of the grinding force, these blunt abrasive particles either fall off from the grinding tool or break through the crystal along the crystal plane(pink aluminum oxide), which is macroscopic Broken, and the ceramic corundum abrasive particles are broken along the grain boundary when broken. Has higher processing accuracy than other corundum abrasives(silicon carbide companies), and is mainly used in the field of grinding and processing high-grade materials.

(brown aluminum oxide sand wholesale suppliers canada)During the effective service life, the abrasive grain surface layer is blunt and the tiny grains(brown fused alumina), that is, the cutting edges gradually fall off the abrasive grains under the action of the grinding force, and then the new micro cutting edges are continuously exposed(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), so that the abrasive grains are always in The sharp state ensures the self-sharpening function of the grinding tool and the stability of the grinding performance.

Due to the different micro-grinding mechanisms of ceramic corundum abrasive grains and molten corundum abrasive grains(silicon carbide price), during the grinding process, ceramic corundum abrasives show intergranular fracture failure, while traditional molten corundum abrasive grains mostly show transcrystalline fracture failure(arc fused alumina), so ceramic corundum abrasive The toughness is obviously higher than that of ordinary fused corundum abrasives.(brown aluminum oxide sand wholesale suppliers canada)

The toughness of ceramic corundum abrasive particles is 1.5-2 times higher than that of fused corundum abrasive particles(brown aluminum oxide). Grinding processing temperature is low, it is not easy to burn the workpiece. Ordinary corundum abrasive particles under normal wear conditions, due to the strong sliding friction between the abrasive particles and the metal surface(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer), the abrasive particles are subjected to high temperature stress and are in a plastic flow state.

(brown aluminum oxide sand wholesale suppliers canada)Single-stroke feed can reach 0.25mm, metal removal rate can be more than 50% higher than ordinary corundum grinding wheel(green carborundum). It can be used for dry grinding or wet grinding, cooled with water or oil, and can be used to grind ferrous or non-ferrous metals(fused alumina). There are no special requirements for CBN and diamond in grinding equipment and difficulties in dressing, nor are there special requirements for grinding fluids like CBN wheels.

Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs(brown aluminium oxide). The abrasive particles are passivated and easy to burn the workpiece. Under the condition of lower than the melting temperature of corundum, through a series of effectively controlled firing stages, dense and strong abrasive particles are obtained; after a period of time(black oxide aluminum), it turns into a gel, which is evaporated to remove the liquid medium, and then the gel is dried.(brown aluminum oxide sand wholesale suppliers canada)

During the grinding process of corundum abrasive particles(white aluminium oxide), the passivated cutting edges (fine grains) fall off from the abrasive particles, and the new micro-cutting edges are continuously exposed, which prevents the abrasive particles from sliding and rubbing. Less heat, low grinding temperature, no burn to the workpiece, and high smoothness of the processed sample(glass beads supplier). Strong cutting ability and high grinding efficiency.

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