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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Manufacturers USA

Dolomite brick is made of calcined dolomite sand refractory products(brown aluminium oxide grit). Generally, it contains more than 40% calcium oxide (CAO), more than 35% magnesium oxide (MgO), and a small amount of silicon oxide (SiO2), alumina (Al2O3), iron oxide (Fe2O3) and other impurities(low density white alumina). This kind of material has high refractoriness (the melting temperature of pure carbon is 3500c, in fact, sublimation begins at 3000C).

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In the formula, raw materials must be selected according to the different characteristics of raw materials and the requirements of products(black corundum). According to the production process, dolomite brick can be divided into: tar (asphalt) combined with unburned brick, light fired oil immersed brick and fired oil immersed brick(white alumina powder). Dolomite brick contains free CaO, which is easy to hydrate and crack in the air, so it is not suitable for long-term storage.

Dolomite brick is widely used in basic converter(pink corundum). Some factories use light burn oil impregnated and burnt oil impregnated magnesia dolomite brick in vulnerable parts. The converter in Western Europe and Japan mainly uses tar combined with heat treatment to produce oil covered dolomite brick and magnesia dolomite brick(aluminium oxide blasting). In addition, the fired oil magnesia dolomite brick is also used as the lining of some refining ladle.

Carbonaceous refractories refer to refractories made of carbon or carbon compounds with different forms of carbon as the main component(brown fused alumina). According to the composition of carbon containing raw materials and the mineral composition of products, carbon containing refractories can be divided into carbon products(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit), graphite clay products and silicon carbide products, choose the more appropriate products. 

But this kind of products are easy to oxidize(brown aluminum oxide). Carbon products are made of carbon as the main component, coke (including metallurgical coke, petroleum asphalt coke, etc.), graphite or heat-treated anthracite as raw materials, and organic materials containing carbon (such as tar, asphalt, etc.) as binder(alumina grit). According to the classification of chemical properties, carbon containing refractories belong to neutral refractories.

This kind of products include carbon brick with coke or anthracite as the main component and artificial graphite and semi graphite carbon brick with graphite(brown aluminium oxide). The use conditions, technical requirements and characteristics of carbon products are the important basis for selecting raw materials and proportion(black alumina). The main lining of converter is tar combined dolomite brick and tar combined magnesia dolomite brick.

The characteristic comparison of carbon raw materials is as follows: according to the characteristic comparison of the above carbon raw materials and the different use conditions(white alumina). SiC decomposes over 2200), with good thermal conductivity and conductivity, excellent load deformation temperature and high temperature strength, and better slag resistance and thermal shock resistance than other refractories(white aluminum oxide 80 grit).

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