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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Price Germany

In order to ensure the good grinding performance of abrasive tools(brown aluminium oxide), the adhesive should have certain hardness and strength after curing and drying, especially the adhesive film used as compound adhesive should be hard. It can be divided into thermosetting resin binder, thermoplastic resin binder and rubber type binder(brown fused alumina factory). According to the bond strength, it can be divided into two categories: structural adhesive and non structural adhesive.

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The grinding tools will generate heat during grinding(white alumina), especially in the mechanical grinding such as abrasive belt, the temperature at the moment of grinding is very high. If the binder does not have good heat resistance, it will soften and become sticky, resulting in the blockage of grinding debris, at the same time, the cohesiveness will decrease(garnet abrasive price), the abrasives will fall off, and the service life of the grinding tools will be reduced, usually within 130 ℃.

There are many kinds of binders, but there is not a unified classification method at present(black corundum). About 65% water, 0.5% mineral, 0.5% fat, 0.5-2% cow hide, 30% or more pig hide. The binder selected for Coated Abrasives should be easy to mix, easy to coat and have good leveling property(white fused alumina oxide mfg). When structural adhesive is used for adhesive parts, it is generally required that the stress of the adhesive part is equivalent to the stress of the object itself. 

Because the substrate of coated abrasives is almost organic plant fiber(brown fused alumina), it can not bear high temperature baking for a long time, such as cotton cloth, industrial kraft paper, etc. if it is baked at 150 ℃ for a long time, it will be coking and brittle, which will seriously reduce the strength(glass bead abrasive). Therefore, according to the source, they can be divided into three categories: the curing temperature of the adhesive used to make the abrasives should not be too high.

Generally, they can be classified according to the source of binders, the chemical properties of main components(pink corundum), and the characteristics and application of bonding process: natural binders, artificial binders and synthetic binders. Natural binders include animal binders such as animal glue, shellac and plant binders such as starch and rosin(buy brown fused alumina). Taking skin glue as an example, the preparation method and principle of the skin glue are briefly described.

The raw material of artificial binder is also natural polymer compound, which is modified by artificial chemistry, such as cellulose derivative, etc(brown aluminum oxide). According to the chemical properties of the main components of binder, it can be divided into inorganic binder and organic binder. Inorganic binders are mainly multi-component silicates, inverts and phosphates(steel shot abrasive). The main component of organic binder is natural or synthetic organic polymer compound.

According to the characteristics of the bonding process, it can be classified into thermosetting binder, hot-melt binder, solution binder, emulsion binder and pressure sensitive binder(glass beads manufacturers). When the non structural adhesive is used in the non main stressed parts, its mechanical properties are lower than that of the structural adhesive, but it often has certain requirements in other properties, which must be removed in the rubber making process(brown fused aluminum oxide factory).

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