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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Suppliers China

The first three types of blast mud are suitable for large blast furnaces with a height of more than 2500m(white alumina), and the second one is suitable for blast furnaces with a height of less than 2500m. For the blast furnace of more than 4000m, the iron output per time is up to 900 ~ 1000, so the blast mud is required to have good corrosion resistance(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), high chlorination resistance and rapid sintering. 

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During mixing, the tar is heated to 50 ℃, and the mixture is weighed and milled for 2h according to the mixture ratio(garnet abrasive price). The mud gun is used to block the taphole, and the pressure is generally 0.25-0.35mpa. In the United States, high-grade refractories have been used in the tap hole of large and medium-sized blast furnaces(brown fused alumina suppliers), but the most commonly used one is the structural form of carbon brick lining to deepen the protective layer.

Its chemical composition is: Al2O3, 39.1%, SiO2, 12.4%, SiC, 10.7%, C, 29.1%, loss on ignition 8%(black corundum). For example, the recommended mix proportion of blast mud by Japan heiqi company is as follows: 30% - 40% of the electrofusion oxidation error of less than 3mm, 12% - 16% of the coke particles of 3mm, 15% - 20% of the clay and 20 ± 2% of the tar binder(glass bead abrasive). Now we will introduce various methods and material selection. 

The blast mud used in large and medium-sized blast furnaces in Russia is composed of 61% metallurgical aggregate, 22% refractory clay and 17% tar pitch(brown fused alumina). The blast hole is blocked by this kind of blast mud. The blast hole reduction accident rate caused by ablation is about 20%(brown fused alumina 60 grit). When resin binder is used and the blast mud mixed with silicon carbide is used, the blast hole reduction accident rate can be reduced to below 7.8%.

In order to further improve the quality of gun clay, asphalt coke with high strength, low ash content and less volatile matter was used instead of metallurgical coke(pink corundum). The mix proportion was as follows: 65% asphalt coke, 15% refractory clay, 5% silicon carbide, 15% asphalt, plus 10% ~ 12% c-339 resin(steel shot abrasive). In small and medium blast furnaces, water cannon mud is generally used; in large duty blast furnaces, no water cannon mud is used.

Therefore, some factories use phenolic resin as binder(brown aluminum oxide). The iron port works stably and the effect is good, which can increase production by 2%. Therefore, when plugging the iron port, it is easy to form bubbles to poke the mud gun machine, the tar in the gun mud volatilizes and pollutes the environment, which is generally not popular with workers, 12% - 16% of the silicon carbide(brown fused alumina factory), which has been successfully applied.

When the taphole is blocked by the blast mud combined with tar, because the blast mud is easy to be extruded due to softening(glass beads manufacturers), the blast mud machine should stay at the taphole for a period of time, and then be drawn out after it is fully sintered. If the gun mud is too deep into the iron port and the volatiles are removed(wholesale brown fused alumina), which will sometimes cause explosion and make the molten iron gush out of the iron port.

Recently, Japan developed a brand of Rb phenolic resin combined with gun clay, with good effect(brown aluminium oxide). At medium and low temperature, the gun mud is hardened by the heavy shrinkage polymerization of phenolic resin, that is to say, it has good early strength; at high temperature, it forms carbon bond combination, which has good high temperature strength(brown fused alumina oxide). Moreover, there will be no blocking accident, and the operation is convenient.

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