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Brown Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Suppliers Philippines

The water tank beam is replaced by fire-resistant concrete beam, and its service life is more than twice as long as that of fire bricks(pink corundum). In the sintering process, the strip bears the exhaust gas with CO2 content of 14.5%, CO content of 2.5%, O2 content of 3.4% and h4o content of 50ug / m(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), which destroys the oxide film on the surface of the strip (especially under the action of CO and water vapor).

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At present, the material of trolley in our country mainly adopts common cast iron, common cast steel and nodular cast iron(glass beads manufacturers). The sintering furnace bed is formed by arranging the calculation bars of the sintering machine on the sintering machine trolley regularly(corundum sand). The temperature at both ends of the strip is 70 ~ 100 ℃ higher than that in the middle, which will cause recrystallization and internal oxidation of the phase.(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers philippines)

In addition, the cast steel has good heat resistance and no risk of fracture(garnet abrasive price). The disadvantage is that the elongation is large, so the deformation is large, and the two ends of the trolley are prone to upward bending deformation. The heat resistance of heat-resistant nodular cast iron is better than that of common cast iron(aluminium oxide 36 grit). The heat resistance of nodular cast iron remains unchanged at 500 ℃ and decreases obviously at 600 ℃.

(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers philippines)Cast steel and nodular cast iron are used to make the car body, which can be repaired by welding(brown fused alumina). For the three body assembly trolley, ordinary cast iron can be used for the low temperature part at both ends, and cast steel or nodular cast iron can be used for the middle part(glass bead abrasive). Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. uses 30% of rich ore powder in the first firing, and the bottom is naturally segregated during the distribution.

At present, the igniters of sintering machines in Japan, the United States(brown aluminum oxide), Germany and other countries generally use high alumina refractory plastic or refractory castable with Al2O3 content of about 73%. The furnace lining is poured and rammed on site, and the application effect is good(black silicon carbide factory). Finally, the top of igniter of some sintering machines in the United States is hoisted with refractory castable prefabricated components.(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers philippines)

In the low temperature part, calcium silicate insulation board and other materials can also be used as lining(brown aluminium oxide). The construction speed is fast, and it can be easily replaced within a few hours of regular shutdown maintenance in case of damage without affecting production(steel shot abrasive). Generally, light fire-resistant spraying coating or refractory castable with unit weight of 250kg / M is used, which has a protective effect on the calculation strip.

(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting suppliers philippines)Smelting reduction can overcome the weakness and difficulties of blast furnace ironmaking and direct reduction, natural gas and oil, and make steel production get rid of the dependence on expensive coke(white alumina). The ignitor of sintering machine in Angang and other units in China is usually hoisted by fire-resistant concrete prefabricated components(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). The lining made of the above materials has a good effect (about one-half).

The smelting reduction method uses non coking coal as the energy source to reduce the iron oxide in the high temperature molten state, and the slag iron can be completely separated to obtain the carbon containing molten iron similar to the blast furnace(black corundum).  The inner lining of hot air pipe, air box and cooling cover of sintering machine is used at 1000 ℃ and 650 ℃ respectively, and the strip is easy to be damaged(black silicon carbide suppliers).

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