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The needle like crystal of sodium titanate can form a felt like structure with high viscosity and strong adsorption(aluminum oxide blast media). A layer of protective film of sodium titanate is formed on the surface of diaspore to prevent the dissolution of diaspore(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Alumina trihydrate is easy to dissolve, it has been dissolved before the formation of sodium titanate, and TiO2 does not hinder it.

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The addition of anatase seriously affects the dissolution rate of diaspore, and the dissolution rate of pure diaspore decreases linearly with the addition of TiO2(black corundum). When the amount of TiO2 is more than 1% (mass) of diaspore, so TiO2 plays an obstacle role in the dissolution of diaspore(glass beads manufacturers). It was also found that with the increase of lime addition, calcium hydroxyferrite decomposed to titanium bearing hydrated garnet.

The results show that there are only titanium minerals in bauxite, especially anatase, which have a serious effect on the dissolution of diaspore(pink corundum). It has been proved that adding lime is an effective measure to eliminate the harm of TiO2(garnet abrasive price). Cao and TiO2 will form perovskite, so that no protective film of sodium titanate will be formed on the surface of diaspore, so the dissolution process will not be hindered, all TiO2 formed perovskite.

The thickness of the film is about 18 × 10 ~ 10m, so it is difficult to find it by X-ray and crystal optics(brown fused alumina). The ratio of titanium to calcium in red mud is much higher than that in calcium titanate. In the past, it was thought that when adding lime to dissolve bauxite under high pressure(glass bead abrasive). Later, it was found that there were not only calcium titanate, but also calcium hydroxytitanate and titanium bearing hydrated garnet in red mud. 

The hindrance of boehmite is also much smaller(brown aluminum oxide). This phase change did not affect the alkali consumption, but greatly reduced the dissolution rate of Al2O3 Because titanium displaces less aluminum and more silicon in phase transformation(steel shot abrasive). Therefore, the dissolution process almost stops completely, calcium hydroxytitanate and titanium bearing hydrated garnet are two common products in the dissolution process of diaspore with lime.

In 1977, the former Soviet Union first reported the presence of calcium hydroxytitanate and titanium bearing hydrated garnet in the dissolution products with lime(brown aluminium oxide). Later, the X-ray diffraction patterns of the two compounds were also found in the high-pressure dissolution red mud of Pingguo mine and Guizhou mine(silicon carbide 180 grit), calcium hydroxytitanate or titanium hydrate garnet, the saturation of SiO2 decreases significantly and the loss increases. 

In our country, the calcium hydroxytitanate is a regular regular hexagonal thin-film crystal with side length of 2-8um and thickness of less than 1pm(white alumina). Aluminum is the main impurity element in calcium hydroxide titanate(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). In terms of chemical composition, the content of TiO2 in these calcium titanium compounds decreased in the order of calcium hydroxytitanate calcium titanate titanium hydrate garnet, while the content of Cao increased in turn.

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