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In addition, most of these branches also grow along the [010] crystal direction and form new lamellae(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Cementite eutectic generally presents two forms of microstructure, namely ledeburite eutectic and strip cementite eutectic. At the beginning of solid-state phase transition, a ferrite coating appears around the graphite ball(corundum sand). On the contrary, the center of the casting section is white structure, and the surface is gray.

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The lamellae thickens the cementite, and the lamellae are bonded by metal bonds(180 grit aluminum oxide). This growth mode makes the cementite crystal into a structure with many sheets linked to each other(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). In the micro shrinkage cavity of Hypereutectic nodular cast iron, the eutectic grains left by the interruption of crystallization after austenite coated spherical graphite are clearly seen, showing cauliflower like morphology.

These crystal defects on the surface of austenite can accommodate some carbon atoms diffused from the surrounding carbon rich molten iron to form the core of cementite growth, and eutectic cementite begins to grow by adhering to austenite. Cementite eutectic consists of eutectic cementite and eutectic austenite, also known as ledeburite(pink aluminum oxide). Both phases have rough solidification interfaces(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). 

The cementite and austenite tend to form cladding eutectic(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Some cementite crystals grow through austenite crystals, which are unstable(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Due to the difference of bond strength between and within lamellae, cementite crystals produce anisotropy(aluminum oxide grit blasting). There is the following crystal orientation relationship between the two phases: this orientation relationship makes the interface energy smaller when the two phases meet and grow.

The carbon atoms in each sample are covalently bonded(aluminium oxide blasting media). During solidification under non-equilibrium conditions, there is a certain amount of primary austenite before Eutectic Transformation in Hypoeutectic composition, eutectic composition molten iron and slightly hypereutectic composition molten iron(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). The appearance of ferrite coating provides a channel for the diffusion of desolved carbon atoms in austenite to graphite.

The growth mode of cementite is different from that of austenite(glass bead abrasive). Cementite grows layer by layer and branches in two dimensions; Austenite grows along the atomic dense plane (111) with the smallest extended surface energy and branches in three dimensions(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). At the eutectic temperature, the growth rate of cementite is much higher than that of austenite, so cementite occupies a large volume fraction in the eutectic structure.

Eutectic often occurs in Hypoeutectic White Cast Iron with low carbon equivalent(black aluminum oxide). This is because the carbon concentration at the ferrite graphite interface is much lower than that at the ferrite austenite interface, and the diffusion resistance of carbon atoms in austenite is greater than that in ferrite(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Therefore, carbon atoms continue to diffuse to the graphite surface, and the graphite ball size and ferrite coating continue to grow. 

The decrease of liquid carbon concentration around it provides an opportunity for further growth of austenite(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Cementite nucleates directly in the melt outside the primary austenite, which reduces the carbon concentration in the nearby melt and creates conditions for the formation of eutectic austenite(steel shot abrasive). In the process of two-phase co growth, cementite plays a leading role, that is, cementite leads the growth of austenite.

However, when the undercooling increases, that is, eutectic at faster cooling rate, it tends to form lath cementite eutectic structure(aluminium oxide sand). Cementite eutectic, as the leading phase in growth, on the one hand, takes [010] product direction as the preferred direction to grow cooperatively with austenite to make cementite grow into flakes(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria); On the other hand, it also grows in the transverse direction (e-axis direction) to form coated eutectic.

The local white cast iron of gray iron castings usually occurs in the parts with high cooling rate such as the surface layer or sharp corner of the casting(garnet blasting media). Compared with lamellar eutectic, the former has more interface energy per unit area, but the contact area of the two phases is much smaller(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). The total interface energy increased by the formation of rod-shaped abnormal eutectic is less than that of lamellar eutectic.

In terms of crystallization conditions, this abnormal tissue distribution is called anti white mouth phenomenon(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Anti white mouth phenomenon is a casting defect. The surface gray structure of castings with anti white mouth phenomenon is D-type (or E-type) graphite eutectic(white aluminum oxide). The surface ash layer with small depth (about 1-2mm) can be called "ash edge", and the deeper surface ash layer can be called "ash belt". 

In addition to cementite eutectic in the internal white mouth area, there are often hemp mouth structures coexisting cementite and graphite or cellular gray spots distributed in the white mouth area in the shape of spots, and the gray spots contain undercooled graphite eutectic structure(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). Because there are many defects on the surface of the sheet, screw dislocations can cause many two-dimensional branches of the growing crystal.

Figure 44 shows the section of the test block with anti white mouth structure(black silicon carbide). After the anti white cast iron appears, the brittleness increases, the damping capacity decreases and the machinability deteriorates(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). High temperature graphitization annealing can be used to eliminate this structure(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The anti white phenomenon occurs in the section of low carbon equivalent cast iron with solidified surface and liquid core.

Therefore, the cross section of eutectic is honeycomb(70 grit aluminum oxide). However, the gray structure in the malleable cast iron blank can not change the graphite morphology by heat treatment and become an irreparable waste. When the surface layer of these castings is slightly higher than the metastable eutectic transition temperature, eutectic transformation occurs first, resulting in D-type graphite eutectic and forming gray mouth surface layer(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria).

The solubility of carbon in a large amount of primary austenite in the surface layer of ash mouth decreases with the decrease of temperature, and some carbon atoms are desolved and precipitated(green silicon carbide). If the metal in the center is not solidified and has been in a high undercooling state, the precipitated carbon atoms will produce cementite nuclei in austenite or at the interface between austenite and liquid phase(brown aluminum oxide wholesale price nigeria). 

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