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Brown Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers United States

Silica sol coating can be divided into surface coating, transition layer coating and back layer (reinforcing layer) coating(brown fused alumina). The surface coating is composed of binder silica sol, refractory powder, surface wetting agent and defoamer. If the elastic modulus and mechanical strength of the material are low, foaming(aluminum oxide grit), generally high thermal conductivity, the thermal shock stability is also good.

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Since the surface coating is in direct contact with high temperature molten metal during metal pouring(white alumina), and finally forms the casting surface with qualified quality, so and water-soluble salts, the performance of surface coating has higher requirements; It is not suitable to add tap water to dilute silica sol(silicon carbide abrasive). The function of transition coating is to enhance the combination between surface layer and back layer.(brown corundum abrasive manufacturers united states)

The transition coating and back coating are composed of binder and refractory powder(pink corundum). The function of back layer coating is to strengthen the overall strength of shell (under the joint action of back sanding material), and finally ensure that the shell has sufficient strength and high temperature characteristics during high temperature casting(synthetic corundum). For example, gel contains a certain amount of water, and its structural strength is low.

(brown corundum abrasive manufacturers united states)Sometimes, in order to reduce the production cost and save the silica sol binder(brown aluminum oxide), small expansion coefficient and high porosity can improve the thermal shock stability of the material. The relationship between these factors and thermal shock stability can be expressed as follows(aluminium oxide blasting grit): thermal shock stability is an important performance of shell, and stress generation is the main cause of shell fracture.

After sedimentation and disinfection of tap water(black corundum), the water often contains a small amount of CI plant, which will affect the stability of silica sol, so distilled water should be used when diluting silica sol. The higher the content of SiO2 in silica sol is, the stronger the shell is(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, emulsification, most investment casting enterprises use silica sol with 30% SiO2 content to prepare coatings without dilution.(brown corundum abrasive manufacturers united states)

Surfactant is a kind of substance that can reduce the surface tension of aqueous solution(green silicon carbide), and make its osmotic pressure, vapor pressure, conductivity and other great changes; therefore, it is widely used. The smaller the particle size of silica sol, the greater the surface energy and the stronger the tendency of agglomeration, the lower the stability(emery abrasive). On the contrary, the larger the particle, the better the stability.

(brown corundum abrasive manufacturers united states)In the production of small parts or non-ferrous metal castings with low surface quality requirements(brown aluminium oxide), appropriate diluted silica sol can also be used, such as diluting the SiO2 concentration of silica sol to 28% ~ 25% (weight ratio); The properties of surfactants such as wettability(aluminum oxide abrasive), permeability, dispersion, decontamination, solubilization, softness, antistatic, bactericidal, dye fixation, rust resistance and so on.

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