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Brown Corundum Abrasive Wholesale Suppliers USA

At present, the asbestos with fiber pen pattern (2H2O · 3mgo · 2SiO2) is used, which is used in alkaline solution(aluminum oxide abrasive). DY-24 cell is the most widely used cell at present. Each cell is composed of anode, cathode and diaphragm frame. The two poles at both ends of the cell are called big poles: one is the anode and the other is the cathode(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Anode is connected with positive current and cathode is connected with negative current.

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Install the upper two bolts and tighten them preliminarily(silicon carbide price). The same electrode in the middle is bipolar electrode, one side is anode and the other side is cathode. This is due to the insufficient stability of iron during anodic polarization in the preparation solution, resulting in the formation of sodium ferrite. Four bolt clamps are used for hydrogen collecting pipe and oxygen pipe respectively(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Check the tank.(brown corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers usa)

In the electrolyzer, all anode surfaces are bonded, and the cathode engraving does not need to be locked(brown fused alumina). The shade plate is different from the brocade, but it must be sandblasted to change the surface condition. After sandblasting, the surface area of the cathode is large, so the current density that can pass through is much larger than that of the untreated cathode(100 grit aluminum oxide), and the overvoltage of hydrogen can also be reduced.

The tank body of DY-24 electrolytic planting is fastened with four big screws(brown aluminum oxide). Between each pole piece and diaphragm, it is separated by rubber like asbestos gasket, and between gas collecting pipes and liquid pipes, it is also separated by rubber like asbestos gasket, which plays the role of sealing and insulation(120 grit aluminum oxide). The structure of the anode is the same as that of the cathode. It is mainly composed of supporting plate and polar plate.

(brown corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers usa)For the installation of diaphragm frame and plate(brown aluminium oxide), place the first and last diaphragms on the bolts (three convex lines on the gas-liquid channel ring are aligned with the female surface). The electrode plate is connected with the support plate by the support column, which is welded firmly with the electrode plate, and the welding points are ground flat(1200 grit aluminum oxide); it is composed of anode plate, cathode plate and main plate.

Put the plate on the plate support frame, and adjust the support frame to make the exposed parts of the plate consistent(white alumina). Install the spring plate and other parts on the diaphragm phase tension device, tighten the pair of bolts in the diagonal direction, and then tighten the other pair of bolts in the opposite diagonal direction(aluminum oxide blast media). The anode and cathode are connected with the main plate by supporting column.(brown corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers usa)

The asbestos rubber should be clamped on the two sides of the polar plate with a driver, and the acid in the four sides should be consistent(black corundum). Then, the asbestos rubber should be placed on the plate support frame (the anode of the plate is facing the quasi cathode). The diaphragm frame and the plate should be arranged in order(240 grit aluminum oxide). Install the tension device of gas-liquid channel respectively, and make preliminary tension.

(brown corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers usa)Install asbestos rubber gasket on the gas-liquid channel ring, and the exposed parts around shall be even(pink corundum). The air tightness test is carried out with 1kg / cm compressed air. Within four consecutive hours, the average pressure drop per hour shall not be greater than 0.2% (compressed air volume is dry and clean, without oil), and the paper shall be washed with 2% NaOH solution(aluminum oxide grit). The groove body shall not have bending image.

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