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The workshop only submits them to the warehouse according to the planned number(brown fused alumina 0-1mm), and the over production part is saved in the workshop (the physical object or bottom aluminum is not uniformly submitted by the end of the quarter or the year), while the power and raw material consumption of the over production part are not included in the cost in the month of submission. 

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The computer control system can provide more and more abundant historical curves and charts reflecting the changes of the electrolytic essence(garnet blasting media); manual field measurement can also obtain some valuable data and information, and most factories also input field measurement data and information into the computer control system(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). This will affect the stability of normal process and technical conditions(white aluminium oxide grit). 

When there are major factors affecting the indicators during the evaluation period, a meeting shall be convened in time to discuss and adjust the plan(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). However, pay attention not to be too large and not too wide. Managers should use these software tools, reports, and information analysis process status, combined with observation and judgment before the slot(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Make the content of the computer report more abundant.

Therefore, disrupting the normal production order and management system will defeat the plan and lower the morale of the team(black silicon carbide). The plan is too loose, the completion of the plan is within easy reach, the plan is too high, and the completion of the plan is hopeless and the effort is given up, all of which cannot properly mobilize the enthusiasm of the operation and management(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). 

A reasonable evaluation cycle should be established on site(corundum abrasive), for example, the evaluation reward cycle should be controlled to 3-6 months, and the months within the cycle are allowed to have less owes or production, and the months within the cycle are allowed to make up for the owes(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Find electrolytic cells with bad trends so that you can make decisions and take measures as soon as possible.

This can avoid Short-term behavior(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The past practice of simply taking action based on simple observation and judgment in front of the tank is a typical workshop and empirical approach, which cannot meet the requirements of fine control pursued by modern aluminum electrolysis(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The maintenance department shall repair as soon as possible on the premise of ensuring the maintenance quality(brown fused alumina 0-1mm).

often encounter such a situation(silicon carbide powder): some people are not interested in the basic management of electrolyzed planting, but hard to study the treatment of diseased pomelo(abrasive blast media): some teams are at a loss when the tank is stable, and it seems that they cannot arouse their enthusiasm and enthusiasm without a disease(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Organize a team to collect, process and analyze various data of the tank. 

In a word, there are hundreds of harms but no benefits(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). To do a good job in prevention, first of all, we must maintain correct and stable technical conditions, and second, we must ensure the normal operation of production equipment and strictly control the quality of various operations(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). If you don't prevent, just deal with it, you won't be able to prevent it, and there will be a problem that can't be dealt with.

During this period, the formulation of production plans should be scientific, and the production plan should be comprehensively formulated based on the completion of historical indicators (the last 3 to 6 months) and considering improvement factors(pink corundum). It is a technique to rejuvenate diseased troughs, but it is a better technique to keep a large number of troughs balanced and disease-free for a long time(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). 

When the indicators are too loose(silicon carbide 180 grit), the production operation and management personnel are lax, and may cause aluminum pressure at the end of the month (or the end of the year)(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). In a word, after a period of time, calculate the deviation and average value of a certain condition, and compare it with the previous period to see whether the control, state and distribution are improved or deteriorated(aluminum oxide sandblasting). 

Treat the next process as a "guest" and try to provide convenience and quality products or services(100 grit aluminum oxide). To make the on-site operation and management personnel feel that as long as the operation standards are strictly implemented and the technical conditions and operation quality are maintained 100%, the planned targets will be met(black corundum). And also need to improve the quality of main raw materials such as anode and alumina(brown fused alumina 0-1mm).

Phenomenon such as this reflects that some managers still underestimate prevention and value post-event treatment(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Due to frequent analysis and adjustment, the technical conditions of regular script are always kept under control, which can effectively ensure the realization of treatment objectives and long-term objectives(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), and prevent or reduce the large fluctuation of technical conditions caused by interference.

No matter in the electrolysis workshop, or in the casting and anode assembly workshop, it should be done for a long time(glass bead abrasive). Do not strengthen the management and improve the process in the electrolysis workshop(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Through scientific analysis and judgment, the current situation and problems of the swing tank can be summarized(60 grit aluminum oxide), and the solutions can be put forward for the decision-making of the workshop leaders.

As a result, the technical and economic indicators and business figures fluctuated significantly between months of the year(white fused alumina). Special attention should be paid to whether the operation quality or technical conditions, when analyzing the controlled level, we must speak with data, and pay attention to the hierarchical analysis of the collected data according to plant, area, shift or individual(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Conduct user access activities.

Widely carry out mass QC activities(steel shot abrasive), and call on people who are enthusiastic about quality management activities, have certain organizational ability and have necessary TOC knowledge to spontaneously form a QC team to study and improve a difficult point in operation and a difficult problem in maintaining technical conditions(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). If the plan is issued too loosely, the output and benefit indicators are often too much(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media).

It has been pointed out earlier that the technical conditions of the control system are more important than the operation quality(white aluminum oxide powder). Therefore, the maintenance of technical conditions shall be assessed, compared with the assessment data, and linked with the economic responsibility system(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). Pay attention to daily plot data and flexibly use QC tools for analysis(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The group should be active frequently, not a mere formality.

Emphasize the scientificity of production plan management and overcome the subjective randomness in production plan(aluminum oxide blasting media). If the production plan index is too loose or too tight, the following disadvantages will occur: it is not conducive to maintaining the long-term stability of electrolytic cell technical conditions(brown fused alumina 0-1mm). If the index is too tight, it may cause aluminum production at the end of the month (or the end of the year).

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