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Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Manufacturers China

In the covering agent process, the covering agent must continuously add powder or granular slag to the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit surface of the mold steel, which is called covering agent. Together, the covering agent slag film fills the air gap between the green shell and the copper wall, the covering agent reduces the thermal resistance, and the white fused aluminium oxide covering agent improves the heat transfer of the crystal.

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The effect of the covering agent has the following aspects: The green silicon carbide covering agent separates the air, and the covering agent prevents the oxygen in the air from entering the molten steel and causing secondary oxidation, which affects the quality of the steel. The covering agent absorbs and dissolves inclusions floating from the white aluminum oxide abrasive molten steel to the slag interface to purify the molten steel.

The covering agent added to the mold during the silicon carbide abrasive continuous casting process. The covering agent must perform the above five functions. However, reduce the drag resistance of the blank, the cement slurry can be restored without adding additional water. the covering agent is adiabatic and thermally insulated to avoid heat dissipation. The wholesale brown fused alumina covering agent prevents the molten steel from dissipating heat.

The coating agent has a slag film between the mold wall and the condensation shell to smooth the effect, and avoid the pink corundum adhesion between the condensation shell and the copper plate. It is necessary to require a regular melting form of the covering agent powder, that is, the brown fused alumina oxide covering agent requires a so-called slag layer on the molten steel surface. -The so-called three-layer structure of a sinter layer and a liquid slag layer.

The covering agent is added to the slag powder with a low black corundum melting point (1100 to 1200 ° C) on the surface of the mold high temperature molten steel (about 1500 ° C). The covering agent supplies heat by the molten steel, and the covering agent forms a liquid slag of a certain thickness on the molten steel surface. Cover layer (about 10 ~ 15mm), the aluminum oxide grit heat transfer of the cover agent to the molten steel to the slag layer is slowed down.

The slag heating effect of the covering agent on the liquid slag layer. The white alumina covering agent slag powders are sintered with each other to form a so-called sintered layer (temperature is 900-600 ° C). The slag on the sintered layer bears less heat transferred from molten steel The temperature of the covering agent is low (<500 ℃), so it adheres to powder. The emery abrasive covering agent evenly covers the molten steel surface. 

The covering agent prevents oxygen in the air from entering the molten steel. During the brown aluminium oxide drawing process of the covering agent, due to the effect of the up and down oscillation of the covering agent crystallizer and the downward movement of the condensed shell, the liquid slag layer on the liquid surface of the covering agent continuously passes through the aluminum oxide abrasive interface of the molten steel and the copper wall to squeeze into the shell and the copper wall.

In between, the covering agent forms a solid slag film on the surface of the copper wall, and forms a liquid slag film on the brown aluminum oxide surface of the solidified shell. This layer of liquid slag film has a smooth effect on the surface of the mold wall and the covering agent shell. It is the same as when the synthetic corundum motor shaft is rolled with smooth oil. This phenomenon is also called "false setting", and there will not be a lot of heat of hydration.

When the brown fused alumina cement is improperly stored or some factors cause the cement to partially hydrate, the activity of tricalcium aluminate becomes low, and a large amount of hemihydrate calcification is generated. The concentration of aluminum ion in the solution is low, but it is lower than the black silicon carbide concentration of calcium ion and sulfate ion. It will quickly become super-saturated, which will cause the loss of cement slurry concentration.

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