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Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Manufacturers Taiwan

After the selection of the binder raw materials, determining the amount of various brown aluminium oxide raw materials in the binder is a key task, which is directly related to the quality of the grinding tool and the formulation of the 80 grit aluminum oxide process system. Chemical composition representation. Example of a binder: 15% clay, 35% feldspar, 38% quartz, 12% boron glass. Mineral composition and actual proportion.

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According to the results of pink corundum chemical analysis, the components of the binder are expressed as mass percentages of various oxides and the amount of caustic soda. For example, some binders: SiO2, 50.5% ~ 54.6%, Al2O3, 24% ~ 27.3%, FesO, <1%, CaO <1%, K0 + Na2O <8% ~ 10.6%, BO, 4% ~ 6% , Caustic soda 4% ~ 5.5%. Good process performance, easy to guarantee black silicon carbide product quality. A small amount of iron alloy in the binder is oxidized to hematite and magnetite.

The above data can be used to determine some basic properties of the binding agent and calculate the amount of each brown aluminum oxide raw material, but it is impossible to understand the process performance of the binding agent. Experimental formula (match format). The molecular numbers of various oxides are calculated based on the emery abrasive chemical composition of the binder, and their molecular numbers are listed in the order of basic oxides, neutral oxides and acidic oxides.

Under the same black corundum melting temperature, atmosphere, and pressure conditions, some of the binders almost completely melt into a liquid phase, some of them are mostly melted, and some are only partially melted. The binder whose fire resistance is lower than the green silicon carbide melting temperature is a fire-melting bond; the fire resistance is higher than the firing temperature, which is called a sintering binder. Near or equal to the firing temperature is called a semi-firing or semi-sintering binder.

Smelting bond is mainly used for corundum abrasive. Most or all of it melts during the roasting process and interacts with brown fused alumina particles. The content of Al2O3 in the binder increases, and the high-temperature liquid viscosity of the binder increases. The sintering and synthetic corundum melting bond contains more flux materials. Traditional fluxes include feldspar, talc, boron glass, spodumene, etc. In recent years, various glass frits have been developed.

It specifically reflects the name and quantity of the white alumina raw materials, but due to the different raw material components used in each plant, it cannot be compared or directly referenced. Sintered bond generally has the following characteristics: The strength of the general sintered bond abrasive is higher than that of the sintered bonded abrasive, and the aluminum oxide grit hardness and strength of the sintered bonded abrasive are not sensitive to fluctuations in firing temperature.

Rhenium sintered bond is mainly used in silicon carbide abrasive tools. During the baking process, various mineral components interact and partially react with the abrasive particles, thereby consolidating the abrasive particles. After cooling, the molten binder becomes a glass body, which is evenly distributed around the aluminum oxide abrasive particles. The expression methods of the raw material ratio in the binding agent are: the ratio of the ingredients.

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