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Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Suppliers In China

brown fused alumina will inevitably have rupture and damage during the process of transportation, polishing and adoption. It is believed that it does not cause extravagance and loss. How can it be recovered through infiltration, adhesion and repair. If it is a small area make up, you can buy off-the-shelf latex from the brown fused alumina oxide market to make up.

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Infiltration is the process of injecting glue into the cracks in the plate that has not yet broken the unit, through the aluminium oxide grit suppliers solidification of a certain period of time, to achieve adhesion, and increase the firmness of the plate. (Prescription for infiltration of gum: 100% 307 unsaturated turpentine; 60-100% styrene; 4-5% percyclic cyclohexanone; brown fused alumina 60 grit 3-4% cobalt naphthenate.) Supervision method: 307 unsaturated turpentine and benzene.

(brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers in china)Infiltration process: air-dry the dry wool board, if necessary, strong air can be used to dry the cracks to ensure no moisture. brown aluminum oxide was reconciled and averaged according to the above ratio; then it was poured into the compound cyclohexanone to stir the average. The best infiltrating glue is that the infiltrating glue can flow into a linear shape when the wholesale brown fused alumina infiltration is reversed.

The following are separately discussed. Use a small spoon to carry out infiltration glue pouring along the white alumina crack. At this time, the viscosity is the best and the infiltration effect is the best. Dry to the point where the glue does not stick to your hands. It is best to make a small stir on the wool board during the pouring process. Then brown fused alumina suppliers pour into the cobalt naphthenate and stir the average.(brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers in china)

Note: It is impossible to blend the 307 unsaturated turpentine directly with the brown aluminium oxide per-cyclohexanone and cobalt naphthenate, and it is impossible to mix the per-cyclohexanone and cobalt naphthenate alone. And it is reasonable to use as many as you can, or use it while matching. Preparation of adhesion glue: 307 non-saturated resin paste 100%; over compound cyclohexanone paddle 4—5%; white aluminum oxide abrasive cobalt naphthalate solution 3-4%.

(brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers in china)When black corundum formulating, first mix 307 turpentine and percyclic cyclohexanone, and then add cobalt naphthalate to mix. And according to the needs, use as many as you can, and use more than 10 minutes. Operations during adhesion: clean the joints to ensure that there is no water or dust. Butt immediately after applying the glue, squeeze tightly, so that the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit adhesive glue slightly overflows.

Apply adhesive evenly on the adhesion surface, taking care not to be too thick. And choose flat or vertical stick according to the pink corundum material condition. In addition, in view of the small area of fracture, it can be used for 502 instant glue or Dingli adhesive. The compensation here refers to a process of filling sand holes, pits, or damaged corners on the finished white fused aluminium oxide product with a glue with a color and color similar to the finished product.(brown fused alumina 60 grit suppliers in china)

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