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Brown Fused Alumina 60 Grit Suppliers Thailand

The brown fused alumina production process of electroplated super-hard abrasives includes: abrasive selection and surface treatment, formulation of electroplating specifications, substrate machining and surface treatment, plating, inspection and packaging, etc. The choice of diamond and CBN should choose high-strength varieties and equal volume shapes, glass bead blasting media suppliers and it should be purified and hydrophilic before electroplating.

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In the case of meeting the brown aluminum oxide surface roughness requirements of the workpiece, choose coarse-grained abrasives as much as possible to improve the grinding processing efficiency. During rough grinding, 80 to 100 mesh particles are used, 120 to 180 mesh abrasive particles are used for semi-fine grinding, 180 mesh to W40 are used for black silicon carbide fine grinding, and W40 to W1 are used for grinding and polishing, and the alloy layer has strong bonding strength to diamond.

Electroplating bath commonly used nickel plating and nickel diamond alloy watt plating bath. It consists of sulfuric acid, nickel chloride and boric acid. If the brown aluminium oxide plating solution precipitates too much hydrogen, the abrasive particles on the surface of the plated part will be washed away, so that the abrasive cannot be consolidated on the aluminum oxide abrasive surface of the plated part, and the plating layer will fall off. Brazed diamond abrasive particles.

The brazed grinding wheel can provide up to 70% ~ 80% of the exposed height of the white alumina, expand the chip space between the abrasives, and improve the sharpness and durability of the abrasive particles. In order to make the plating layer have a strong bonding force with the surface of the substrate, the aluminum oxide grit surface of the substrate of the plated part should be subjected to surface treatment, degreasing, and rust removal.

On the basis of electroplated super-hard abrasive tools, single-layer high-temperature brazed super-hard abrasive wheels were developed in the late 1980s. The black corundum high-temperature brazing single-layer diamond grinding wheel is sprayed with a layer of Ni-Cr alloy on the steel substrate with an oxygen (acetyl) acetylene welding flame, and the Ni-Cr active metal layer is used as the synthetic corundum brazing material, directly in an argon induction atmosphere.

Analysis of the pink corundum interface between the Ni-Cr alloy layer and the diamond layer and the interface between the alloy layer and the steel substrate by electronic probe and X-ray diffraction showed that high bonding strength was obtained between the abrasive, the base metal and the Ni-Cr active metal layer. During the brazing process, the emery abrasive carbides are separated from Ni-Cr alloy and enriched on the diamond surface, so that the Ni-Cr alloy and diamond have good wettability.

The holding power of the silicon carbide abrasive grains is obviously better than that of the electroplated single-layer diamond grinding wheel, and the thickness of the alloy layer is maintained at a level of 20% to 30% of the height of the abrasive grains, which can meet the needs of high-load and high-speed efficient grinding. It is suitable for garnet abrasive ultra-high-speed grinding of 300 ~ 500m / s. Rhenium brazing is performed in 1080 argon for 30 seconds.

To this end, the diamond is pre-treated, and the green silicon carbide surface of the diamond is plated with an active metal film. The plated film protects the diamond during the brazing process, and it is easy to achieve a strong metallurgical chemistry between the N-Cr alloy layer and the diamond. The combination can effectively prevent the garnet suppliers particles from falling off, and the life of the grinding wheel and the processing efficiency are greatly improved.

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