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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grade A Manufaturer Belarus

Afterwards, the bricks are sprayed 1 to 2 times a year, and they can continue to be used(silicon carbide abrasive). However, according to the introduction of the Ukrainian Institute of Coal Chemistry in the Soviet Union, compared with silica bricks, corundum bricks can reduce coking time from 14 hours to 8 hours(aluminium oxide blasting), increase production efficiency by 1.5 to 2.0 times, the gas burner is a rotary jet type, and improve coal blending and coke Quality has created a new situation.

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Simulation of the actual conditions of coke oven production, the coal is loaded into the furnace from a height of 4 meters through the coal drop tube(pink aluminum oxide). Coke oven doors open and close frequently, and the temperature fluctuates relatively. Generally, clay bricks are used. Since the furnace was put into production in May 1976, the total coking time was 14 hours(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the coke production increased, and the furnace body production condition was good.

During the test from 1968 to 1974, the test furnace was built four times with magnesia bricks(brown fused alumina), and a total of 2362 times were installed. In order to facilitate comparison, the test furnace was also built with silicon bricks. For example, when the temperature of the furnace wall reaches 1200 ° C, the temperature of the fire tunnel of the coke oven with silicon bricks is about 1400 ° C(fused aluminum oxide), while that of the magnesium bricks is only about 1250 ° C, and the heating is very uniform.

In recent years, under the above conditions(brown aluminum oxide), the former coking time is 16 hours, the latter is about 12 hours, that is, the coking time shrinks by 95 mm; generally speaking, the four kinds of coal used in trial basically include coal for industrial production(fused alumina). Silica bricks are commonly used in large coke ovens, but the temperature fluctuation around the coal hole is large, generally sticky upload or high aluminum brick masonry, and it is still built with clay bricks.

West Derall Coal Company built a 39-hole coke oven with a carbonization chamber with a clear width of 450 mm and a wall thickness of only 8 mm(brown aluminium oxide). In recent years, with the help of an electronic computer, Liangde Auto has made a detailed calculation of the static pressure before and after the reduction of the furnace wall(220 grit aluminum oxide), and believes that the thinning of the furnace wall has little effect on the strength and stability of the furnace body.

The bricks are at the bottom of the carbonization chamber as if they were on the body(white alumina). The thickness of the coke oven wall is reduced from 100 mm to 70 mm, and the furnace body strength is only reduced by about 1,5%. Furnace wall flatness of 50 ~ 60 mm can meet the requirements of fixed coke oven production(arc fused alumina). At the end of the top of the fire tunnel, the aluminum oxy silicon carbide brick without free SiO2 was tried: it is still intact after 9 years of use.

However, considering the manufacturing of the special-shaped silicon brick and the yield rate, the thinning of the furnace wall has certain limits(black aluminum oxide), and generally it should not be less than 70 mm. For example, the air is preheated through a metal heat exchanger, and the combustion gas is introduced into the combustion chamber through three fire channels(80 grit aluminum oxide). They do not need to be replaced after 6 years of use, and the service life is 1 ~ 8 years.

As we all know, coke oven machine, coke side furnace head and bottom brick of carbonization chamber(green silicon carbide), due to frequent opening and closing of the furnace door and coke pushing operation, the temperature fluctuation and mechanical wear are relatively large at this place, The service life is 1 ~ 6 years(black silicon carbide); the Soviet Union once tried silicon-ming bricks on the burner of the coke oven carbonization chamber, which has been used for nearly 9 years.

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