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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grade A Manufaturer China

Six layers of high alumina bricks were laid on the top of the bottom of a blast furnace in the Soviet Union, and two layers were damaged when the furnace was opened for three weeks(green carborundum). The use of silicon carbide bricks as the inner lining in the above parts helps to prolong the furnace life and improve the thermal efficiency(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Moreover, silicon carbide bricks do not react with molten iron and slag, and there is no nodulation phenomenon.

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Therefore, it is an ideal refractory for blast furnace wall with a bright future(brown fused alumina). The application of direct bonded (i.e. self bonded) silicon carbide brick on the blast furnace wall is successful. For example, the lining in the middle and upper part of the blast furnace shaft is generally made of clay brick, and its thickness is reduced from 915-1145mm to 455mm(black oxide aluminum). Therefore, this kind of lining material and structure is successful and can be used in large and medium blast furnaces.

The thickness of the lining is stable along a certain isothermal surface, but has nothing to do with the original thickness(brown aluminum oxide). Generally, aluminosilicate material is used as refractory aggregate and powder for fire-resistant spray coating, and low iron and high aluminum cement or high aluminum cement are used for the upper part of furnace body(silicon carbide price), the middle part of furnace body and the lower part of furnace body respectively as the combination of 35-43 kg / cm.

Generally, clay brick, high alumina brick or refractory castable are used for lining of blast furnace throat, and silicon carbide brick is also used(brown aluminium oxide). After the production of 1.2 million tons of pig iron, the wear is still slight. In the blast furnace wall, the use of amorphous refractories is also promising(glass beads supplier). Because of the densification of the fusion layer on the surface of the brick, shrinkage deformation and crisscross cracks can be produced.

For example, in 1961, Japan's Sanrong Iron Industry Co., Ltd(white alumina). used refractory castable as lining on blast furnace, which was used for two years and eight months, and achieved the required iron production. The residual lining was in good condition, only some carbon deposition phenomenon caused by CO was found(arc fused alumina). In China, the medium and small blast furnace lining also used amorphous refractory, and the application effect was good.

When the lining of American blast furnace wall is damaged, it is usually repaired by spraying(black aluminum oxide). The lining of blast furnace wall is a weak link in the production, especially in the lower part of the bosh and shaft, which is often forced to stop large and medium-sized repair due to premature damage(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). In 1975, a blast furnace successfully carried out a hot gunning of the furnace throat without shutting down the furnace.

It can be seen from the application results that the bottom and hearth of the blast furnace are the places where the molten iron and slag are contained(pink aluminum oxide), which are subjected to the long-term effects of slag iron erosion and high temperature heat load, and the working conditions of the furnace lining are relatively poor(fused alumina). The umbrella nozzle presses the mud evenly, and the repairing effect is good, and the mud is not lost.

The lining of dozens of blast furnaces in Britain was repaired by spraying when it was damaged(silicon carbide companies). In the process of gunning, it should be carried out after the old lining is removed or the blast furnace is shut down. The Soviet Union and China and other countries also carried out gunning of the furnace wall lining(brown fused alumina for grinding), generally using high alumina cement or water slope glass aluminum silicate refractory gunning coating, semi dry operation.

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