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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grade A Manufaturer Mexico

Rotary kiln is a kind of kiln with a relatively high degree of mechanization(alumina polishing powder). Its advantages are: large production capacity of kiln. At present, domestic rotary kilns of 3 ~ 3.6m × 60m can produce 50,000 to 60,000 tons of metallurgical magnesia, which is equivalent to the output of 3 to 4 47m mechanized shaft kilns(brown fused alumina 60 grit). At present, our country's refractories use rotary kiln to calcine hard clay clinker, magnesia, high alumina clinker, dolomite and limestone.

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The fuels used are coal, heavy oil and coal gas (including natural gas and mixed gas). Generally believes that when the scale of calcined refractory raw materials is larger, it is more reasonable to choose the rotary density(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Strong adaptability to raw materials. The small particles that can be calcined can make full use of the moving inner cone(brown fused alumina factory). The inner cone moves eccentrically around the center line of the outer cone with a certain eccentric radius.

The equipment has high productivity, low power consumption, and relatively uniform particle size(brown fused alumina). The disadvantage is that the output is low, the crushing ratio is small, the roller is easy to wear, and the noise is large. The disadvantage is that the strike plate and the strike plate are very easy to wear, and the noise is large during operation(low density white alumina). The grinding component is composed of a lining plate in the cylinder and a crushing medium (abrasive body).

There are many types of ball mills(white alumina). The material is crushed between two parallel cylindrical rollers that rotate opposite to each other (smooth roller) or crushed and crushed (tooth roller). When the revolutions of the two rollers are different, there is also a grinding effect(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The advantage of the roller crusher is that the content of fine powder in the crushed product is very small, mainly angular granular material, which is beneficial to improve the density and quality of the product.

After the material is hit by the strike plate, it flies to the strike plate at high speed and is hit again, and the material is repeatedly broken by the impact between the two plates(aluminum oxide abrasive). Its advantages are simple structure, large crushing ratio (generally 30 ~ 40, maximum up to 150 or more), uniform product size, strong adaptability, can crush brittle and medium hard materials(wholesale brown fused alumina). When the cylinder rotates, the crushing medium in Jane rotates with the simplified style under the action of friction and centrifugal force.

After being lifted to a certain height, the crushing medium falls freely, and the material is crushed by the impact and grinding action surface(aluminum oxide grit). According to different grinding bodies, they can be divided into ball mills (with steel balls or steel balls and steel segments as grinding bodies), rod mills (with steel rods as grinding bodies), and gravel mills (with gravel, pebble and porcelain) Balls, etc. are grinding arms). The material is crushed by squeezing and breaking between the two cones(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit).

According to the shape of the cylinder(silicon carbide abrasive powder), it can be divided into short head ball mill (the length of the cylinder is less than 2 times the simplified diameter), conical ball mill (the length of the cylinder is equal to 0.25 ~ 1.0 times the diameter of the cylinder), and tube mill (the length of the cylinder is 3) ~ 7 times the cylinder diameter)(brown fused alumina suppliers). Impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium crushable materials, such as silica, sintered dolomite, clay clinker, sintered magnesia and limestone.

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