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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grade A Manufaturer UK

Halogen counter, scintillation counter and ionization chamber are used as the receiver of radiation(black corundum). Generally, all radioisotope densitometers use compensation measurement circuit, which can reduce measurement error, and one or two radiation sources can be used for this purpose(aluminum oxide abrasive). In the Ⅱ kp-2m instrument, a radiation source and a radiation receiver are used in the compensation measurement method, which can minimize the error of the instrument.

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With the difference of the diameter of the duct and the density of the slurry, the calculation error of the measurement results is ± 3 ~ ± 5%, and the measurement range of the density is below 15kn / m(brown fused alumina). The type Ⅱ xp-5 densitometer uses a differential ionization chamber as the radiation receiver to convert the input differential current into alternating current, so as to ensure stable indication, high accuracy and reliability(black silicon carbide).

The radiation source is also used(pink corundum). The measurement range is 3-25 kn / m, and the basic error is not more than ± 2%. In abrasives industry, it is necessary to check and measure the humidity when making organic bonded abrasives. It is concluded from the formula that the sensitivity of conversion depends on the electromagnetic properties of water(silicon carbide 180 grit), the volume weight of the sample (product) to be tested and the measured value of humidity itself.

There are also other types of radioactive densitometer in industry, such as ip-1024(brown aluminum oxide). Although the technical data is satisfactory, and the density of slurry can be automatically tested without contact under very unsatisfactory conditions, but the use of radioisotope densitometer and other types of radioactive instruments is still subject to a series of restrictions(green silicon carbide), because they have special use characteristics, and they must be carefully physiological protection for operators.

However, due to the improvement of the quality requirements of the materials and abrasives produced and the need to maintain stability in the process, molding materials and products(silicon carbide abrasive): the other processes of abrasives production also require the inspection of humidity. The electrodes are connected to the measuring system. There are many methods to test and measure the moisture content(emery abrasive). Usually the humidity measurement error is always very large.

The following only introduces the electrical and electrical physical humidity inspection and measurement method, which has the advantages of fast response, automatic inspection process and relatively simple operation of inspection instruments(brown aluminium oxide). The electrical measurement and test method of humidity is based on the electromagnetic parameters of the medium to be tested and the so-called sample specific gravity y in the above case(synthetic corundum).

At present, it should be understood that the weight of the sample of the material to be tested depends on the following factors for the crushed abrasives(white alumina), it should be pointed out that the particle size and shape of the abrasives, the compaction method and compactness of the molding materials, etc. When ixp-2m instrument is used to measure density(aluminum oxide grit), steel pipe is used with diameter of 100-300 mm and wall thickness of no more than 10 mm.

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