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Brown Fused Alumina BFA Grains Suppliers Switzerland

Conducive to the stability of the balance of electrolysis heat treatment(brown fused alumina), point feeding technology is widely used, the control mode of the shelling feeding system and the amount of control are conducive to the uniform distribution of the alumina concentration in Vine(aluminum oxide blast media). The choice of electrolyte or fraction is very important. The low temperature of the initial product of electrolysis can reduce the temperature of the electrolysis.

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Cryolite is a test compound of the binary system of NaF-AIF, with a point of 1009°C(brown aluminum oxide). The molar ratio of AIF in NaF phase is equal to 3, commonly known as molecular ratio. Actually, it is shown that in the adjustment of modern large-scale fine molecule ratio, the addition of oxidation and retention has a lag, and it takes about 4 days to reflect the result, so the adjustment cannot be rushed(brown fused alumina suppliers). The current numerator ratio will increase periodically.(brown fused alumina BFA grains suppliers switzerland)

Whether it is to lower the sacral molecular ratio or increase the molecular ratio(garnet abrasive price), theoretically the amount of substance leakage should be based on the amount of electrolyte in the tank, which is calculated according to the formula. Some foreign aluminum factories use mass ratio to express acidity and alkalinity, and the value soil is equal to the molecular ratio divided by 2(black silicon carbide factory). The current chlorination plant The addition method is to use point-cutting.

(brown fused alumina BFA grains suppliers switzerland)The actual situation depends on the actual situation. It can be adjusted in stages and the computer controls the addition(brown aluminium oxide). To increase the molecular ratio, the amount of chlorinated pins added can be calculated according to the following formula, but hydrogenated pins are expensive and generally not used(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Generally, it is difficult to calculate the amount of input. Generally, chlorination is only added to reduce the molecular ratio in normal production.

Sodium carbonate is used instead of chlorinated pins in production(white alumina). Example: Knowing that a certain electrolytic cell has an electrolyte content of 9000kg in which the calcium chloride content is 5.2%, the alumina content is 3%, and the molecular ratio requirement is reduced from 2.8 to 2.6 (the mass ratio from 1.4 to 1.3), try Calculate the amount of alumina added(white fused aluminum oxide). After the working condition of the poem electrolyte improves, the subject will be practiced and added.(brown fused alumina BFA grains suppliers switzerland)

If it is the reaction of adding the electrolyte to the main sodium carbonate, the above lists the influences and calculation methods of the two tanks added substances on the molecular ratio(black corundum). This is from a theoretical point of view. The leakage of the acid pin is artificially assisted, and the accuracy is not high. In production, the electrolysis is constantly changing with the molecular ratio(brown fused alumina factory). Alumina will volatilize severely under high temperature.

(brown fused alumina BFA grains suppliers switzerland)When the on-site management personnel issue the chlorination data addition amount(pink corundum), they should combine the change trend of the electrolysis temperature, the cell voltage, the error amount, the response coefficient, and the measurement amount. In order to ensure the stability of the electrolyte molecular ratio, it is necessary to conduct an electrolyte composition test every 4 days(pink fused aluminum oxide), and adjust the molecular ratio according to the test results.

In normal production, the molecular ratio is generally lower than 3 (mass ratio K=1.5), and the advantages are shown in the following aspects(green carborundum). If the electrolysis temperature is too high and the electrolyte is obviously degraded, the base is lost, and there is a sound of the end of the positive process, and the performance is cold and precise, the training should be stopped(black silicon carbide suppliers). Before combining, raise the voltage slightly to alleviate the situation.(brown fused alumina BFA grains suppliers switzerland)

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