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Brown Fused Alumina F Grains Manufacturers China

It should be specially pointed out here that in the normal temperature rolling process of aluminum metal(brown fused alumina), the irreversible deformation of aluminum metal crystal will occur, under the action of mechanical external force, the metal atoms on the lattice node will produce relative slip(aluminum oxide abrasive), which will cause the distance between metal atoms to change, resulting in the distortion of character, and the original grain may be broken into many fine grains.

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Lattice defect refers to the area where the structure of the actual metal crystal deviates from the ideal lattice structure(pink corundum). If alkali is used as cleaning agent and aluminum corrosion is not desired, sodium silicate and sodium chromate can be added as inhibitors, and the effect is very good(black silicon carbide). The aluminum box containing impurities is corroded in the electrolyte solution. The aluminum surface is cleaned with alkali to remove residual oil.(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers china)

The main impurities in aluminum are Fe, Cu, Si, etc. Chloride (salt) is easy to erode aluminum(brown aluminum oxide). Chloride ion (CIF) has small ion radius, strong migration ability and strong affinity, so it is easy to invade the interior from the structural defects of oxide film and hydrogen oxide film(emery abrasive). Impurities have significant effects on electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of aluminum, which have little effect on aluminum.

(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers china)Generally, the addition of glycerol and ethylene glycol into the acid can inhibit the reaction(silicon carbide abrasive), and some salts can protect the oxide film and the hydrogen oxide film and inhibit the dissolution, such as adipate, pyruvate, phosphate and silicate, etc. Therefore, these salts can be used as the solutes of the working electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The organic acids mentioned here mainly include acetic acid, butyric acid, citric acid, propionic acid, etc.

For the anode aluminum box used as aluminum electrolytic capacitor(brown aluminium oxide), that is, it will also affect the corrosion coefficient, formation characteristics, and even affect the electrical performance and service life of the product. If the hole distance of printed circuit board is too large or too small(synthetic corundum), it is easy to cause electrolyte leakage, increase current regulation, shorten life and even open circuit of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers china)

if the electrodynamic sequence (electrode potential) of some impurities is positive than that of aluminum(white alumina), then each impurity will become the cathode of corrosion micro cell for Al metal, and the aluminum metal adjacent to the impurity will become the anode of corrosion micro cell(green silicon carbide), so there must be many micro cathode and anode areas existing at the same time on the whole surface Many tiny corrosion micro cells are formed.

(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers china)The flowing electrons are gathered and adsorbed at the cathode / solution interface and captured by the material (d) which can absorb electrons(black corundum). This kind of micro cell corrosion experiences the anodic oxidation reaction (anode process) and the cathode reduction reaction (cathodic process) just like electrochemical corrosion(aluminum oxide grit), that is, at the anode, aluminum metal loses electrons and becomes Aluminum ions enter the solution at the interface.

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