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In particular, although Guangxi Province(brown fused alumina), which is rich in aluminum ore, has experienced great development in the past five years, the annual output of electrolytic aluminum in the whole province has not reached 1 million tons. Since 30 years of reform and opening up, the industrial development has maintained a growth rate of more than 10%(aluminum oxide 40 grit), which is 3-5M of the world average growth rate.

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However, the area around cehai relies on convenient transportation(white alumina). From the 1970s, China independently carried out the research and development of 8KA, 100kA, and 135kA liquor caking tanks, to the introduction of 160kA intermediate blanking pre culture cell technology in the 1980s(garnet suppliers). Guangxi, Yunshi, Feizhou and Sichuan rely on abundant hydropower resources to develop electrolytic aluminum.(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers south africa)

There are power advantages such as Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Chenxi(black silicon carbide). Gansu and Qinghai rely on the advantages of military electric charging to develop electrolytic aluminum. The seasonality of hydropower affects the rapid development of electrolysis in these provinces(brown fused aluminium oxide). Crime of concentrated consumption advantage, vigorously develop recycled aluminum industry and aluminum profile processing industry.

(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers south africa)Since the 1990s(green silicon carbide), China's aluminum production and consumption counties have shown a steady growth trend, but in general, the growth rate of production and consumption should be faster than the growth rate of production. However, there are few electrolytic needles in Jinghai area, only Xiangjian Nanping(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). There are a small number of new aluminum electrolysis enterprises. under these circumstances.

Henan, Shandong and Guizhou have formed three major alumina base(brown aluminium oxide)s, and the production bases of electrolytic production and capital processing have also successively. Starting from the digestion of foreign technologies, the prelude of the development of modern electrolysis technology in China was opened(garnet abrasive). China's aluminum market has been in short supply for a long time and is the wrong importing country.(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers south africa)

On the other hand(pink corundum), China's nonferrous metal industry has put forward the strategic development policy of "giving priority to the development of aluminum industry inspection", and some local governments take various preferential measures to develop the economy(1200 grit aluminum oxide). However, due to the small supply gap, only importing more than 100000 tons a year can basically meet the demand of the domestic market.

(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers south africa)Encourage electrolytic aluminum investment projects. Under the influence of these factors, China's e-mail production is difficult to grow(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). However, the increased supply of alumina and energy can not meet the increased demand for aluminum in the Ministry of electricity, which means that a large amount of electrolytic aluminum production capacity is idle(aluminum oxide grit). Electricity and healthy carbon should also be very tight.

Since the founding of the people's Republic of China(brown aluminum oxide), the development of China's aluminum industry has made great progress. Investment in fixed assets is wasted, and it is difficult for enterprises to serve as tanks. The expansion speed of electrolytic buttons exceeds the supporting capacity of external conditions, which not only oxidizes the market but also exceeds the demand(brown fused alumina manufacturer). For willow production capacity.

(brown fused alumina F grains manufacturers south africa)According to the policy of "establishing a comprehensive(black corundum), coordinated and sustainable development and promoting the all-round development of economy, society and human beings", the State takes macro-control measures for the development of electrolysis(aluminum oxide abrasive). The purpose of case view regulation is to coordinate the development better, not to help control its development or non development.

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