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Brown Fused Alumina F Grains Suppliers Switzerland

The standard of special-shaped fine paving coke and cinnamon is much higher than that of ordinary Yin tax(brown fused alumina). After Bao grade fails, coke granulation can not be made. First of all, the temperature rise gradient should be 8 ~ 10 ℃ / h. The temperature rise gradient has upper limit and no lower limit(white corundum powder), which makes the temperature rise slowly and avoid excessive thermal shock, so as to protect the cathode boss from bursting.

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When the local temperature is too high, the most adverse effect is the explosion of cathode boss(white alumina). If there is no need to add cryolite at the local high temperature point with the same temperature, the third is the removal of the shunt. The first shunt bridge removal should be carried out after the welding is completed for 48 hours(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The purpose of this is to detect the rapid rise, which can be obtained from the above analysis.(brown fused alumina F grains suppliers switzerland)

The furnace temperature is above 450 ℃, and the second time of diverter bridge removal is carried out 8 hours before the start-up(green carborundum). The firing impulse voltage of different wall cell is below 3. V, and the shunt is rarely red when it is cut off. The purpose is not only to make the materials in the tank completely dry and the auxiliary materials coking well, but also to protect the cathode boss from cracking(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The second is the control of local temperature.

(brown fused alumina F grains suppliers switzerland)In order to make the resistance of the negative section tend to be the same, the pyrophyllite coarse powder is used as the heating body(brown aluminum oxide). It can protect the boss from bursting. It can ensure that the high temperature liquid filling does not produce the phenomenon of boss de elevation, and effectively improve the tank life and economic benefits in the later stage(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The key point of boundary complex control is temperature.

According to the guidance of low-temperature cultivation and winding technology(black corundum), through the process improvement, coke laying and pole hanging process control and temperature check, the success of the compensation burning technology is achieved, and the explosion and agglomeration of the building boss can be effectively controlled(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). The temperature control is still the core of the process of special-shaped groove.(brown fused alumina F grains suppliers switzerland)

During the start-up, the cross forming of hanging pole must be completed in a short time(white fused alumina make company). The disadvantage is that the coke particle sintering method uses graphite chips, coke particles, stone fan transport these compounds, in the start-up will produce a lot of carbon benefits, full labor intensity is good, labor costs and materials(garnet abrasive); high quality requirements for laying line, due to the current slow error situation rework.

(brown fused alumina F grains suppliers switzerland)At this time, the distribution of gate current becomes worse(brown aluminium oxide). The temperature of protection and control is generally above 650 ℃, and the temperature of protection chamber is about 700 ℃ after the whole melting and burning. The pulse voltage is low due to pain, and the shunt will not turn red in general, and the burning process is easy to control(aluminum oxide polishing powder).  The low temperature imaging technology is the goal of the temperature control.

If the lifting time is more than 3 hours(pink corundum), the cathode boss corresponding to the positive grade without pole lifting and slag fishing will fall. At this time, the start-up work of the electrolytic cell was started immediately after the end of the burn-in. There are two kinds of start-up methods: dry start-up and deep-seated backward start-up(garnet suppliers). Dry fan is mainly applied to the first few electrolytic units put into production in the new system.(brown fused alumina F grains suppliers switzerland)

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