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Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Suppliers China

The residual energy enters the radiation receiver equipped with the component to be tested, which causes the temperature in the radiation receiver to change and the pressure to change(pink aluminum oxide). Photoacoustic gas analyzer is mainly used to determine the content of CO2, CO and CH2. External circuit resistance greater than the scale is not allowed(arc fused alumina). In this case, either increase the wire section or use a millivoltmeter with higher resistance.

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The gas analyzer based on the principle of photoelectric colorimetry is used to determine the concentration of the solute according to the color of the indicated solution(black aluminum oxide). The attenuation value of the luminous flux is recorded by the photoelectric radiation receiver. Based on the principle of photometry, a gas analyzer is used to compare the intensity of luminous flux reflected by the standard surface and the working surface(fused alumina). The aerosol ion method is one of the most promising ones.

The reflection coefficient of the working face changes due to its interaction with the components to be measured(silicon carbide price). The change of color band is the scale of the concentration of the component to be measured in the gas mixture. The ultraviolet absorption gas analyzer is based on the principle that some gases and vapors can absorb ultraviolet spectral radiation(silicon carbide companies). Mass spectrometer is the main physical parameter to test the mass of a molecule or atom.

The tape is applied with liquid medicine in advance or regularly, and the components to be tested react with it to form a coloring object(brown fused alumina). In this type of instrument, the gas to be analyzed is absorbed or blown out by a color band impregnated with liquid medicine(brown fused alumina suppliers). In recent years, which absorbs the residual intermittent infrared radiation energy, the ion method which can automatically detect the trace impurities in gas has been discussed.

At present, the solution devices (decoders) of various schemes are discussed, which can be used to interpret the data of color layer analysis(brown aluminum oxide). The essence of this method is to selectively convert the components to be tested into aerosols, and measure the concentration of aerosols in an ionization chamber with an internal ionization source(brown fused alumina 60 grit). In practice, mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are used to determine the concentration of components in gas mixture.

The total charge of a moving ion forms an ion current(brown aluminium oxide). The optical gas analyzer is used to measure the absorption of light energy by a certain gas or liquid adsorbent. The content of the component is determined according to the reduced volume of the gas mixture to be analyzed(green carborundum). The gas pressure type thermometer shall be attached with the correction value for the change of pressure gauge and capillary volume caused by the surrounding medium temperature.

Under the condition of high vacuum, the molecules or atoms of the substance to be analyzed are ionized to form positive ions(white aluminium oxide). Ions that gain acceleration in an electric field are either separated in a magnetic field by crossing time or by changing their energy(brown fused alumina factory). The concentration of particles in the total composition of the substance to be analyzed can be measured by measuring the ion current formed by a certain mass particle.

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