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Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Suppliers Taiwan

The new varieties of refractory materials are mainly made of high-purity raw materials from MgO-C, MgO-Cr2O3-A12O3, Al2O3-Si02-7rO2 and other systems to manufacture high-quality products(brown aluminium oxide). This brick is made of high-purity lock-type raw materials that are melted or melted in an electric furnace and cast directly after the composition adjustment is qualified(silicon carbide companies); excellent slag resistance and permeability resistance.

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The main new varieties of bricks are now introduced as follows(white alumina): Directly combined with basic bricks, which are made of high-purity raw materials after high-pressure molding and fired in a high-temperature kiln of 1750 ~ 1800 (the so-called direct combination is the main mineral phase of the brick itself or it Between(aluminum oxide blast media). It is suitable for thermal equipment such as steel furnaces, refining devices outside the furnace and steel drums.

For example, a magnesia spinel brick is a direct bond formed between perovskite and spinel or between perovskite crystals(black aluminum oxide), with less impurity content, and exists in the crystal gaps in isolation. This kind of brick is fundamentally different from the traditional silicate-combined alkaline brick(1200 grit aluminum oxide). It is mainly manifested in the tight and firm structure, low porosity, the load softening temperature and high temperature flexural strength are high .

In addition, various fused products and silicon carbide products are also manufactured(pink aluminum oxide). The varieties of directly combined alkaline bricks mainly include directly combined magnesia-chromium bricks, directly combined magnesite bricks and directly combined magnesia bricks, etc., which are generally used in oxygen converters, refining devices outside the furnace(corundum sand), non-ferrous metallurgical melting furnaces and cement rotary kilns, etc.

On thermal equipment, the effect is better(brown fused alumina). Combined with alkaline bricks, it has the advantages of good high temperature strength, low apparent porosity, good thermal shock stability and strong slag resistance. It can be applied to thermal engineering equipment such as dry steel furnaces and cement rotary kilns(120 grit aluminum oxide). Only a small amount of SiO2 is evenly distributed around the crystals, the structure is dense, and the pores are few and fine.

Combined with basic bricks(silicon carbide price), it is made of fused raw materials or synthetically sintered high-purity raw materials through high-pressure molding and high-temperature firing. Its varieties include molten particles combined with magnesia chrome bricks, fused with combined magnesium bricks(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), and sintered with combined magnesium The main feature of chrome bricks is that the crystals are fully developed and reach the level of direct bonding.

It is characterized by high purity, high density and high strength(brown aluminum oxide). It is particularly good at high temperature with corrosion and abrasion resistance. Magnesia dolomite bricks are made of magnesia dolomite sand or high-purity dolomite sand mixed with high-purity magnesia, which can be directly made into non-burnt tar-bonded bricks by high-pressure molding(100 grit aluminum oxide), and can also be made into pottery-bonded bricks by high-temperature firing.

The brick is characterized by excellent high temperature performance, good thermal shock stability, strong slag resistance and easy storage(green carborundum). Locked spinel bricks, made of magnesia and low-expansion spinel sand (ie, magnesium aluminum spinel or magnesia spinel made by electrofusion or sintering method) in proportion, electric furnaces(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), after forming and firing That is the finished product, the general MgO content is 80%.

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Exprience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!

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