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Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Wholesale Price Indonesia

The sealing cover is stationary, and is connected to the bottom of the frame, and the rubber plate is pressed by a plate spring between the rotating material tray and the shield(arc fused alumina). The discharge door is installed at the discharge mechanism on the side of the mixing tank, and the mixed materials are discharged therefrom(white aluminium oxide powder). The top cover is equipped with material and binder inlets, and the milling disc structure is jacketed for cooling water and hot water to pass through.

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There is a small closed door on the side of the shield for cleaning and repairing parts(green carborundum). The high-speed mixer is a mixing device that uniformly mixes materials through high-speed rotation of rotating blades. The high-speed mixer is a motor that directly drives the main shaft through a belt wheel and a reduction box to rotate(brown aluminum oxide grit). Under the action of centrifugal force, the material rises along the conical wall of the fixed mixing tank and is in a state of revolving motion, forming a swirling motion.

The various raw materials and binders involved in the mixing are input from the upper inlet, and the mixed materials are discharged from the side discharge port of the mixing tank(silicon carbide price). The transmission device is composed of a motor, an adhesive tape wheel and a reduction box. The motor is of variable speed(white aluminium oxide blasting media). In order to ensure the temperature of the materials during mixing, the amount of cooling water and hot water should be adjusted automatically.

The rotating blades have special shaped stirring blades(white alumina). In order to adapt to the mixing requirements of certain materials, the equipment is equipped with a thermal insulation sleeve, which can cool, heat and insulate the materials. The high-speed mixer is composed of mixing tank, rotating blades, transmission device, discharge door and cooling and heating device(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The solid cylindrical passenger container made of steel plate for the phosphor plate is used to hold the mixture.

The blade is installed on the main shaft(brown fused alumina), and two speeds (60r / min and 120r / min) can be changed during the working process, so that the materials can be fully mixed from the surface. Sealed protective cover, steel structure cover, the cover is equipped with a discharge pipe and a dust removal pipe, the discharge pipe extends down to the material layer(brown fused alumina micro), the height from the chassis is slightly greater than the thickness of the material layer. 

The door opening mechanism consists of a set of connecting rod system, which is directly driven by the cylinder(brown aluminum oxide). Cooling and heating device. It consists of cooling water tank, hot water tank, cooling and hot water circulation device, etc. The planetary forced mixer is a device that allows the materials to be mixed evenly through the relative counter-current movement between the suspension wheel(white fused aluminum oxide refractory), the planet shovel and the side scraper in the carbon disk.

Planetary forced mixer drives the suspension wheel(brown aluminium oxide), planetary shovel and side scraper to rotate clockwise in the grinding disc through the pulley, reduction gearbox and planetary gear box. The planetary shovel also rotates counterclockwise at the same time, so that it continuously flips and stirs, so that the materials are fully stirred and gripped in the grinding disc to achieve the purpose of mixing and kneading(fused alumina). The carbon disk is fixed.

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