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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Factory Europe

The discharging is completed under the dual action of stirring and compressed air(brown fused alumina). Because the blowing agent in the beads is heated and vaporized to generate pressure, the beads expand and form a honeycomb structure that is not connected to each other(steel grid). Once the robe hole is formed, the steam will penetrate into the cell to gradually increase the pressure in the cell, and the cell will expand further.

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During the curing process, air penetrates into the cells, so that the pressure inside and outside the cells in the beads tends to be balanced(white alumina). In order to obtain a foam pattern or foam sheet with low density and uniform cells, the resin beads must be pre-foamed before the pattern is formed(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The pre-expanded quality of the beads has a great influence on the molding process and quality of the pattern.(brown fused alumina for grinding factory europe)

In the process of cell expansion, the foaming agent also diffuses outward and is selected, and the expansion stops until the pressure inside and outside the cell is equal(black corundum). After cooling, the size of the expanded beads is fixed(white fused aluminium oxide). The principle of steam pre-expansion When the resin beads are heated to the softening temperature by steam, pneumatic components, the beads do not foam, but the blowing agent escapes.

(brown fused alumina for grinding factory europe)The purpose of preheating is to reduce the moisture in the preheating cylinder and shorten the preheating time(garnet suppliers). When the preheating temperature reaches the requirement, the prepared materials can be added to the preheating machine. After adding the material, continue to add steam, and the resin beads are in a boiling state in the foaming cartridge(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). However, the steam pre-foaming method is mostly used at present.

has the following performance characteristics: multi-purpose pre-casting EPS, StMMA co-resin, special casting materials(pink corundum). Develop and produce semi-automatic, automatic, bottom-discharging pre-foaming machines for lost foam casting according to customer needs(240 grit aluminum oxide). When the material level reaches a certain height or the heating time reaches the set value, the heating is stopped. Start the discharge valve to discharge.(brown fused alumina for grinding factory europe)

Adopt time relay and temperature controller to synchronously control the advance time and temperature(green silicon carbide). When the temperature rises to the softening temperature of the resin, the beads begin to soften and become plastic. Different pre-engines have different operating parameters, but the operating process is basically the same(180 grit aluminum oxide). There are many methods depending on the heating medium and heating method.

(brown fused alumina for grinding factory europe)The steam pressure is stable, the pre-expanded gram weight is equal, and the density of the foamed beads is uniform(black silicon carbide). Feeding 1kg each time, feeding, dying, discharging, cleaning ≤120/time. Equipped with a hot air drying system to shorten the natural aging time(low soda alumina). The electrical appliances, and valves used have excellent performance to ensure stable, reliable operation and long service life of the machine.

After the discharged beads are cooled, the foaming agent and water vapor in the cells are cooled and liquefied to form a vacuum in the cells(garnet abrasive). EPS is the earliest and most commonly used pattern material for lost foam casting. Its advantages are easy molding and processing, low price, one machine, and foaming process and operating parameters(pink alumina). Bead pre-foaming is generally carried out in batch foaming machines.

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