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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Manufacturers USA

The operation of the furnace is to place arc focus, brown aluminium oxide power transmission and arc starting. The arc starting coke is a waste electrode block or carbon brick fragment of 30-50mm, which is laid in the center of the furnace in a certain amount and shape to make the three electrodes form a path with each other. There are three kinds of synthetic corundum pendulum methods: solid triangle, hollow triangle and star. Also called submerged arc method and open arc method.

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The star pendulum method has a small amount of arc coke and arc starting block, but it is easy to break the arc, and it is often started when the green silicon carbide furnace is started. The solid triangle pendulum method is to spread arc focus on all equilateral triangles composed of three electrodes. The hollow triangle pendulum method requires less arc focus, but is easy to break, so it is not commonly used. After the emery abrasive control is over, it enters the normal smelting phase.

(brown fused alumina for grinding manufacturers usa)The hollow triangle pendulum method is to lay the arc starting focus only on the white alumina connection between the electrode and the electrode. In the star pendulum method, fox coke is laid in a Y shape between three electrodes. In actual production, the solid triangle pendulum method has a large amount of starting coke and is not easy to break the arc, but the aluminum oxide for sand blaster furnace has a lot of carbon addition, which is often used in the middle arc of smelting.

In order to shorten the silicon carbide abrasive arcing time and accelerate the arcing, some iron filings can be sprinkled on the laying arcing focus to reduce the resistance between the arcing focus. The smelting period accounts for more than 80% of the total refining time. At the same time, low voltage and high current operation is used to make the black silicon carbide furnace charge that has been dropped melt as much as possible, and the material layer is gradually thinned.(brown fused alumina for grinding manufacturers usa)

In the brown fused alumina smelting stage, the furnace charge should be melted, and the impurity oxides should be reduced to form an iron alloy to be separated from the corundum melt. The method of smelting can be divided into the furnace method and the open furnace method. In order to save electricity and achieve high thermal efficiency, all of them are combined by black alumina furnace melting or open-hearted. In order to keep the furnace temperature stable, stop feeding during refining.

(brown fused alumina for grinding manufacturers usa)Therefore, smelting is the main link of black corundum smelting, and a "control" operation has to be done in the early stage of smelting. Control is to stop feeding within a certain period of time after the first batch of materials is put in, so that the charge in the furnace is melted as far as possible. In the later stage of control, you can switch to low voltage and shorten the arc, and the aluminum oxide abrasive electrode can rise slowly, try to use the heat to expand the melting area.

The furnace method uses the charging material to bury the arc generated at the electrode end, making full use of heat to brown aluminum oxide melt and reduce the charging material. When the open furnace method is operated, the charge layer in the hearth is thin, the electrode ends are not covered by the charge, and the arc heat generated by the electrode is exposed. Avoid excessive control during control operation, aluminium oxide abrasive grit which will cause arc exposure and heat loss. 

Rhenium refining is the last stage of pink corundum smelting. The purpose is to fully reduce the impurity oxides, the ferroalloys are better precipitated and aggregated, and the gas in the furnace is exhausted. At the same time, the melt temperature is further increased and the melting area is enlarged. Before transferring to refining, it is necessary to adjust the aluminum oxide grit proportion of the charge and appropriately increase the carbon content.(brown fused alumina for grinding manufacturers usa)

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