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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Suppliers Brazil

At the same time, the wax burns when it meets the flame. Avoid direct contact between the synthetic corundum flame and the green body after the pot is installed, so the wax discharge temperature is increased. Filling material for potting, alumina powder for corundum abrasive, 96% alumina powder for silicon carbide abrasive  and 4% clay. When filling pots, each part of the body should be filled and fully filled to prevent slipping Deformation.

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The purpose of drying the brown fused alumina article is to remove moisture from the body. Common hot wax injection molding waste products include hollow waste products, shrinkage holes, pores, pits, deformation, hardness fluctuations and uneven structure. Isostatic pressing is the use of the characteristics of the liquid to transmit pressure evenly in all directions to achieve uniform pressure forming. The emery abrasive molding material is packed in a mold with only elasticity, and the mold is placed in a liquid high-pressure container after sealing.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers brazil)After the container is closed, the pump is used to pressurize the liquid. The elastic mold is subjected to brown aluminum oxide uniform pressure and transmitted to the molding material so that it is compressed into a compacted object similar to the mold, but its size is slightly smaller than the mold. After the pressure is reduced, the blank can be taken out of the mold. There is no difference between drying and evaporation in principle, but in fact green silicon carbide drying is a diffusion process.

So as to improve its mechanical strength and reduce firing shrinkage. The brown aluminium oxide drying process can only exclude a part of the moisture content of the blank. In actual production, the moisture content of the dried blank is about 0.4% to 1%. At this time, the blank has sufficient strength. It is difficult and uneconomical to continue to remove the water in the blank. Generally, it exists in large capillaries with a diameter of more than 10cm in the body. The free water and the aluminum oxide 40 grit material are loosened, so it is easy to exclude.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers brazil)

It is tightly bound to clay particles and has different properties. This white alumina part of the water is not excluded during the drying process. If the strength of the wet billet can meet the requirements of the kiln, some of the blanks can be dried in the preheating zone of the firing. For example, a black silicon carbide grinding wheel with a smaller outer diameter (less than 100mm), a grinding wheel that uses water glass as a wetting agent to blow CO2 can eliminate the drying process.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers brazil)The mechanical strength of the black corundum blank is closely related to its residual moisture. The types of water in the green body include free water, adsorbed water and chemically bound water, which are different from the combined form of the particles in the green body. Free water, also called mechanically bound water, is water added to make the sludge easy to form. It is distributed among the solid particles. It is the water absorbed by the aluminum oxide abrasive material in direct contact with water.

The pink corundum purpose of drying is to exclude free water. When the free water is removed, the body will shrink and dry defects will occur when it is too large. Pay special attention to it. When the absolute dry body is placed in the atmosphere, with the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere, the clay of the bad body can adsorb a certain amount of moisture from the atmosphere. The moisture adsorbed on the aluminum oxide grit particle surface is called adsorbed water.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers brazil)

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