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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Suppliers China

Bauxite is the main raw material for the production of white alumina, but it is also the main raw material for the aluminum industry, refractory industry and petroleum proppant industry. With the rapid development of the national industrialization process and the rapid development of the aluminum industry, white aluminum oxide 220 grit refractories industry, and petroleum proppant industry, high-grade bauxite ore has been hard to find.

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The requirements for bauxite production in black corundum are different from those in the aluminum industry and the refractory industry, which require lower bauxite ore grades. With the change of the times, the mineral resources have decreased sharply, the quality of mineral products has continued to decline, the prices of white fused alumina oxide mfg raw materials and energy have continued to increase, and the tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction have become increasingly arduous.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers china)Ten years later, the unit energy consumption and production cost of brown fused alumina production will rise dramatically, and some brown fused alumina production companies will be forced to shut down because of this. Calculated according to the current market price at a constant price. At that time, the production cost of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit will be between 4500-5000 yuan. Energy saving and emission reduction will become an insurmountable problem.

In view of the above factors, the future production and development of pink corundum must Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, change the production development mode as soon as possible and take the road of technological innovation. The future production and development of white fused aluminum oxide must start with the following: The enrichment of Al2O3 in bauxite can predict the bauxite ore used in the production of brown corundum in the future.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers china)

The content of Al2O3 is about 70% to 75%. The unit consumption of smelting brown aluminum oxide with such bauxite Electricity is already above 3000KW H. According to the current electricity price, the energy consumption cost should account for more than two-thirds of the production cost, and the buy white aluminum oxide blast media production enterprises are basically unprofitable. To this end, the Al2O3 contained in the bauxite must be enriched so that the Al2O3 content reaches about 95%.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers china)To achieve the corundum white purpose of Al2O3 enrichment, physical or chemical methods must be used to process the raw ore, which is a very complicated process. After the implementation of the above several technical measures, it is estimated that the unit energy consumption of brown corundum can be reduced from the current 2700KW H to below 2000KW H, and the production efficiency can be increased by more than 15%, which can bring rich economic benefits to brown fused aluminum oxide factory production enterprises.

Desiliconization of bauxite. When the brown aluminium oxide content of SiO2 in bauxite ore with an Al2O3 content of about 75% is above 10%, the high content of SiO2 is bound to increase the amount of reducing agent and clarifier when white aluminium oxide manufacturer smelting This will cause the unit energy consumption to soar sharply, increase the production cost of the enterprise, and do a good job of energy saving and emission reduction. The process of reducing the production cost of silicon is also a key move.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers china)

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