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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Suppliers Malaysia

Industrial alumina is a white loose crystalline powder. It is composed of many porous spherical aggregates with small brown fused alumina crystals smaller than 0.1um in size. The average green silicon carbide particle size is 40 ~ 70um. Fine particles (each pellet can contain up to 10 ° small crystals, and the internal pores account for 25% to 30% of the pellet volume). It is composed of y-Al2O3 (40% ~ 70%) and a-Al2O3 (60% ~ 24%).

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Intermediate compounds for the brown aluminum oxide conversion of rhenium and the conversion of boehmite to a-Al2O3. Industrial alumina is characterized by a high degree of dispersion and a wide range of particle size composition. The particle composition of general industrial alumina is shown in Table 2-9. According to different physical properties, industrial alumina is usually divided into three types: sand type, intermediate type and black silicon carbide powder type.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers malaysia)The brown aluminium oxide physical properties of the three are quite different, but there is no uniform standard to strictly distinguish the three aluminas. It has a great impact on the physical and thermomechanical properties of the kiln industry using this refractory. And foreign advanced enterprises are producing sand-type aluminum oxide abrasive. Industrial alumina is a semi-finished product, and the complete conversion to a-Al2O3 has not been completed.

Sand-type alumina is spherical, with coarse particles, about 80 ~ 100um, small angle of white alumina repose, only 30 ° ~ 35 °, low calcination, 0.8% ~ 1.5% reduction, of which a-Al2O3 content is less than 35%, Most of them are about 20%, and the content of y-Al2O3 is relatively high, and they have greater activity. The type and properties of industrial alumina before calcination are related to the aluminum oxide grit preparation method of industrial alumina.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers malaysia)

Powder type alumina has a small average black corundum particle size (about 50um), more fine powder (more than 40% less than 44um), a large repose angle (≥42 °), and a high calcination temperature (<0.5% reduction, a-Al2O3> 70%) , The true density is large, and the bulk density is low. Intermediate is somewhere in between. Except for Guangxi Pingguo, synthetic corundum which produces sand-type alumina, other alumina production enterprises produce intermediate-type and powder-type alumina.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers malaysia)Compared with the current industrial alumina products in China, compared with foreign sand pink corundum products, in addition to the high calcination temperature, the main reason is that there are too many fine particles (less than 0.043mm and not less than 30%) and the product strength is low. The emery abrasive hydroxide produced by the Bayer process is itself gibbsite, and the aluminum hydroxide produced by the carbonization process is also gibbsite.

The hydroxides prepared by Bayer process are mostly flaky aggregates, silicon carbide abrasive which are composed of hexagonal polymorphs formed during the growth of crystals. This hydroxide starts to be converted into rAl2O3 at 1225 ~ 1250 ℃, and the conversion rate is faster. The hydroxide prepared by the carbonization method is a radial aggregate composed of prismatic crystals, which starts to be converted into a-Al2O3 at 1300 ~ 1350 ℃, and the garnet abrasive conversion rate is relatively slow.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers malaysia)

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