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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Suppliers UK

There are two methods of brown aluminium oxide sand blasting electroplating: one is a physical method, the other is a chemical method, which are described separately below: The pre-plating process is very important in the electroplating process Status. The fused aluminium oxide main materials used in electroplating are copper and copper alloys, stainless steel parts, zinc alloy die castings, and steel parts.

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These kinds of materials must adopt different pre-treatment methods according to their white alumina materials, especially zinc alloy die-casting parts. Once the pre-treatment is not good, it is easy to produce blistering and peeling. The commonly used pre-plating treatment methods are mainly the following two: The sulfuric acid temperature is 70 ~ 90 ℃, and the time depends on the pink fused alumina surface condition of the part.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers uk)

The temperature is low, and the immersion time should be longer. It should be noted that no water can be brought into the black corundum sulfuric acid solution. Physical method pre-treatment: that is, sand blasting is used for electroplating pre-treatment. The concept of sand blasting machine is that air drives the sand to polish the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media surface of the product. Sand blasting plays an important role in the electroplating process.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers uk)And the oxide scale is removed, so that the pink corundum surface area is increased, the adhesion of the coating is improved, and the coating quality is improved; increase the resistance of the surface of the part to plastic deformation and fracture, and cause compressive stress on the surface of the aluminium oxide 36 grit workpiece to increase its fatigue strength; reduce surface defects and machining damage of the workpiece, Reduce stress concentration and more.

The advantages of the sand blasting process of the brown fused alumina sand blasting machine: through a physical reaction and sand blasting, the metal parts are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change; The surface of the part is not contaminated, and the abrasive does not chemically react with the material of the part. The black aluminum oxide blast media sand blasting machine can easily handle the hard-to-reach parts such as grooves and recesses.

(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers uk)Mainly reflected in the improvement of black fused alumina sandblasting machine work efficiency, can meet a variety of surface finishing requirements; low energy consumption, cost-saving; sandblasting machine does not pollute the environment, saving environmental treatment costs. The corundum sand blasting machine styles produced by different blasting machine manufacturers may be different, but their working principles are the same.

For example, A variety of abrasives can be used. It can also disperse the internal residual stress in the structure to harden the brown aluminum oxide surface of the workpiece, the sand blasting equipment produced by Ren Teng blasting machines basically uses suction blasting, the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit surface polishing wax is serious, that is, the use of Compressed air flows at high speed in the spray gun to form a negative pressure to produce a jet. 

The role of chrome corundum sand blasting machine in electroplating. The abrasive in the cyclone storage tank is sucked into the spray gun through a sand pipe, and then the compressed air flow is sprayed from the nozzle to the workpiece surface at high speed to achieve the purpose of sandblasting. The aluminum oxide sandblasting media processing cost is greatly reduced. Handling: After mounting the parts, pickle directly in concentrated sulfuric acid.(brown fused alumina for grinding suppliers uk)

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