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Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Wholesale Taiwan

The temperature of the whole mixing process is controlled at (30 ± 5) ° C. Casting molding: The above brown fused alumina molding compound is poured into a mold. The inner wall of the mold sleeve should be coated with release agent first, and a layer of paper should be placed on the bottom plate to prevent aluminum oxide grit  mold sticking. Auxiliary materials: triethanolamine, ethylenediamine, dibutyl phthalate.

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Acetalization: The brown aluminum oxide mold filled with slurry is placed in an electric oven or a hardening furnace, and maintained at a temperature of 60 to 80 ° C for 8 to 10 hours. The blank is finally acetalized to obtain a soft elastomer with a certain strength. Auxiliary material: hydrochloric acid. It is an abrasive tool that is directly cast into the original black silicon carbide mold using an epoxy resin binder. Honing wheels are also called gear epoxy honing wheels.

(brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale taiwan)Water washing: Put the above soft elastomer blank into the pool for brown aluminium oxide immersion, and change the water every 4h until it is neutral with the pH test paper, take it out to dry, and prepare for drying. Drying: Put the dried blank into an electric oven or hardening furnace, and keep it at a temperature of 100 ~ 110 ℃ for 24 hours, and aluminum oxide abrasive finally obtain an elastic grinding wheel with a certain hardness and strength.

Honing wheels are specially used for precision machining of quenched gears. Use it to remove the oxide layer on the white alumina working surface of the gear after quenching and to slightly modify the deformation of the gear after quenching, which can reduce the roughness of the gear and improve the glass bead blasting media suppliers smoothness of the work and reduce the gear meshing noise. Abrasive: Variety selection: WA, PA, GC; particle size selection: F60, F100, F360, F600.(brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale taiwan)

Rubber bonded abrasive (abbreviated as "rubber abrasive") is a rubber black corundum product made from raw rubber (natural rubber or synthetic rubber) and various rubber compounding agents, mixed with the abrasive and shaped, and vulcanized by heating. Therefore, it has both the general synthetic corundum grinding characteristics of abrasive tools and the performance characteristics of rubber products, and is an indispensable tool in grinding processing.

(brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale taiwan)Since rubber is a highly elastic body with a relatively large molecular weight and reversible deformation, it exhibits unique high elasticity at room temperature. During the pink corundum grinding process, due to the influence of grinding heat, the contact surface between the emery abrasive tool and the workpiece to be ground is at Elastic state. Binder: epoxy resin polyester resin. The use speed is above 50 ~ 80m / s.

When it is subjected to the feeding pressure, the silicon carbide abrasive particles on the surface of the abrasive tool can be compressed into the elastic binder, so that the surface of the workpiece to be ground is left with shallow scratches, so that the surface of the workpiece is correspondingly roughened. That is, the rubber garnet suppliers has good polishing performance. Acetalization is also called hardening.(brown fused alumina for grinding wholesale taiwan)

Rubber green silicon carbide tools are the same as ordinary rubber products. They are divided into soft rubber, hard rubber and semi-hard rubber. Most rubber abrasives are hard vulcanized rubber products with high mechanical strength. Its general use linear speed is 40 ~ 50m / s. The garnet abrasive binding agent used in rubber abrasives is a highly viscous liquid. When heated, it will soften and flow and become a viscoplastic material.

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