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Brown Fused Alumina For Refractory Manufacturers

The electrolyte height is mainly controlled by controlling the tank voltage, adjusting the heat income in the tank, and controlling the amount of crystal stone(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). Therefore, if other nitriding salts (such as bottled magnesium and lithium chloride) are added, they shall be added according to the enterprise technical standards(brown fused alumina manufacturers). 6 hours after the start-up of new plants, sufficient aluminum water shall be injected. 

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The concentration of calcium chloride shall be prepared at 5% once(sandblasting sand), and it shall be added gradually after analysis(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). The electrolyte level of newly started concentrate can still be maintained at 25 ~ 30cm in the first two weeks, reduced to about 24cm in the third week to month, and maintained within the required range of normal production period from the second month (some enterprises from the third month)(aluminum oxide wholesale).

After that, as the tank voltage gradually decreases, the wrong side is gradually formed, the furnace face volume gradually decreases, and the lead water height will increase(brown fused alumina for abrasive). If the height of molten aluminum is more than 20cm, appropriately increase the amount of aluminum in the following consecutive days, for example, slow down the voltage drop speed and eliminate the sediment at the bottom of the tank(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers).

If the height of molten aluminum is less than 15em at the first aluminum production(white aluminum oxide blast media), the suction time must be postponed(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). From the second month after startup (from the third month in some enterprises), the height of molten aluminum remains at a normal value, i.e. about 1em(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). After the start-up of large-scale pre culture cell, the cell (working) voltage generally drops to 43 ~ 4.5V within 48 hours and 4.1 ~ 42V within 72 hours. 

This is similar to the cell voltage in normal production period for electrolytic concentrate with low molecular ratio (22 ~ 24) production process(aluminum oxide). The characteristics of the initial stage of start-up are: the electrolytic cell is in its own heating period, the temperature extends from high to low from the planting and stripping area to all directions, and the temperature of each part increases gradually(especially in the first month)(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers).

The characteristics of the later start-up period are that the electrolytic cell has established a stable heat balance(aluminium oxide powder), and various process and technical conditions requiring the addition of AIF electrolytic concentrate have met the requirements due to the supplement of volatilization loss and the maintenance of molecular ratio required by the regulations(garnet abrasive suppliers). The height of molten aluminum in the month of startup is generally maintained at about 17em(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers).

However(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), at present, there are two methods for voltage management in the later stage of start-up(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers): one is to keep the tank voltage at 4.05 ~ 4lv (the specific value depends on the molecular ratio). Another approach is to reduce the cell voltage at the later stage of the start-up period to be close to or slightly higher than the voltage during the normal production period(how to choose white fused alumina). Taking 200kA tank as an example, 10 tons of aluminum water is injected.

During this period, adjust the electrolyte and only add cryolite meeting the requirements of the regulations(white fused alumina for refractory). When starting to enter the normal production period, start to increase the cell voltage as the molecular ratio decreases, for example, the molecular ratio decreases to 22(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). The working voltage increases to 416 ~ 42V(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). This approach is based on the view that the cell voltage should correspond to the molecular ratio.

The molecular ratio preparation is to estimate the amount of bathing stone and electrolyte injected and put in soda or sodium chloride after starting, and analyze the electrolyte before filling aluminum, and then adjust it according to the analysis value, and analyze the electrolyte composition every four days(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Therefore, before filling aluminum, the blanking interval is about twice as long as the normal feeding interval(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers).

With the extension of the aging time, the absorption of sodium salt in the cathode lining gradually slows down, the furnace face is gradually formed and perfected, and the electrolyte molecular ratio should gradually decrease(aluminum oxide blasting media). Within a period of time after the electrolysis cell is started, the tank brain has not been fully formed, especially in the first half of the month after the start, the side tanks are small and the heat dissipation capacity is large(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). 

The electrolyte is in the equilibrium period of NaF absorption and volatilization loss AF by the lining(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). For example, the regulations of a factory are(sandblasting abrasive): 420-425V(molecular ratio 27-28) in the first month, 415-420V (molecular ratio 4-26) in the second month, and fall to the normal production range 2.12 after the third month ~218V (22~24)(black silicon carbide). For the new start-up tank, the electrolyte composition mainly refers to the molecular ratio.

In general(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa), in the initial stage of electrolytic ellipse startup, in addition to the obvious changes in the technical conditions, the cathode internal material organization is also undergoing major changes, and the sintering of the cathode inner village is still continuing(vietnam aluminum oxide). Other additives may be added in a sufficient amount at a time after the start-up, or gradually added after the normal period(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). Maintained above 28 (mass ratio 1.4) in the first month.

Although full current is applied, due to the low heat generation, the incubation time for large-scale pre-melted plants is generally as long as 7 to 8 days and nights(aluminium oxide blasting media). In addition, it has been pointed out earlier that in order to facilitate the formation of a stable network and to meet the absorption of sodium fluoride (NaF) in the lining, the molecular ratio of the new starting tank is required to be higher(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). Cycle and minimal flame impact(white fused alumina factory).

Due to the large furnace particles in the new start-up tank, the cross water height is still not high, generally 16-17cm(green silicon carbide). After pouring, the blanking copper gap must still be greater than the normal blanking interval, and the feeding interval should be shortened gradually after the anode effect occurs(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). According to the analysis value and combined with the change of the heat balance of the electrolytic cell, make adjustments as required(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). 

The approach is based on the idea of a control branch(abrasive blasting grit), control of thermocouples and adiabatic hoods, adjustment of the pre-cultivation anode to provide combustion space for combustion, and place the burner in an appropriate position to ensure that there is maximum hot air flow on the surface of the carbon block(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers). Therefore, the management during this period requires special attention and Factors related to tank life(white aluminum oxide grit). 

When the burning is completed(aluminum oxide blast media canada), shut off the fuel (air) supply system, remove the burner and the insulation cover, and lower the anode to restore the anode to the starting position of the electrolytic cell (1.5 times the normal blanking interval)(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). During this period, the electrolysis cone slowly turns to normal operation, although Technical conditions have not changed drastically, but the operation of electrolysis has undergone qualitative changes(brown fused alumina for refractory manufacturers).

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