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Brown Fused Alumina For Waterjet Cuting Switzerland

In the production process of electrolytic capacitors, a large number of pure water is used in many processes(brown fused alumina), such as many parts and components need to be cleaned with pure water. The pure water refined by ion exchange resin is called ion exchange water or deionized water(aluminum oxide grit). The pretreatment methods include sand filtration + activated carbon filtration, which aims to remove suspended solids and organic matters in tap water.

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Deionized water generally refers to the removal of strong conductive ions and weak electrolytes such as silicic acid and carbon dioxide, which are difficult to remove in water(pink aluminum oxide), and treat them to a certain extent. The resistivity of water can reach 1 ~ 10 m Ω· cm at 25C. The disadvantages are low output and low positive rate of water quality(garnet abrasive). Active theory can be used, such as domestic zk-40 granular activated carbon. It is used in series with the ion exchange resin mixed bed.

(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting switzerland)The pure water produced in production still contains a very small amount of conductive ions(black aluminum oxide), and after it contacts with air, it is easy to be cleaned by CO2 gas and dust in the air. In this way, the resistivity of pure water placed in the air will drop to 2m0 · cm, and the pH value will change from 5 to 6(black silicon carbide powder). The advantages of pure water preparation by ion exchange method are high degree of automation, large amount of water and high water quality.

Although the ion exchange method has strong ability to remove ions and good water quality, it is not effective to remove non electrolyte impurities and colloidal substances(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, such impurities must be removed before ion exchange treatment, which is the purpose of pretreatment. Sand filter is filled with fine sand, Medium coarse sand is installed in the middle and coarse sand is installed at the bottom(garnet suppliers). The above ion exchange reaction is reversible.(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting switzerland)

After long-term water supply, the suspended solids adsorbed on the surface of sand particles will block the filter hole and lose the ability of continuous filtration(green silicon carbide factory). Therefore, it must be removed by reverse washing. The purpose of activated carbon filter is to remove organic matter in water(silicon carbide abrasive powder). In the same way, after long-term water supply, the de hole will also be blocked and the filtration capacity will be lost, so it must be removed by reverse washing.

(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting switzerland)In other words, the positive membrane (showing strong negative electric field) only allows cations to pass through(white aluminium oxide), while the negative membrane (showing strong positive electric field) only allows anions to pass through, so as to remove the conductive ions in raw water(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). It has been proved that the quality of deionized water and the production capacity of ion exchange resin mixed bed can be improved by electrodialysis.

When the concentration of h * or Oh - increases to a certain extent, the reaction will proceed in the opposite direction, which is the principle of ion exchange resin regeneration(brown aluminium oxide). It requires impurities such as chloride ion content ≤ LMG / L, so - content ≤ 2.5mg/l, and volume resistivity PASC > 3mA · cm, especially for pure water used in working electrolyte, which directly affects product quality(pink aluminium oxide). This section mainly introduces the preparation of pure water.(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting switzerland)

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