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Brown Fused Alumina Grit Manufacturers In China

The three raw materials, bauxite, iron filings, carbon and recycled materials for brown aluminium oxide manufacturer must be processed to meet the requirements of corundum smelting. Therefore, it is necessary for the manufacturer to set up a batching system. The purpose of proportioning process is to crush and screen qualified raw materials to meet the requirements of brown fused alumina for grinding smelting process.

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In addition, bauxite roasting should be an important process for white alumina proportioning, but when buying cooked bauxite, there is no roasting process. It has a principle, that is, according to the process requirements until the end of feeding, to give full play to the production capacity of the equipment. Control stage: control is to stop feeding in a certain period of time, so as to expand the melting area outwards. Glass like slag gives green carborundum toughness and crushing resistance. 

(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers in china)The brown fused alumina melting period depends on the input power and hearth size. Stop feeding is the end of smelting period. Recycled materials are often used in the opening stage or smelting stage, but rarely in the later stage of smelting, because the proportion of recycled materials is relatively large, and they are used in the later stage of arc fused alumina smelting, I'm afraid that the product quality will be affected by smelting by depositing at the furnace bottom.

In the smelting period, if the furnace condition is well controlled, the molten liquid will rise slowly, the whole black corundum material surface will drop evenly, the material will be cut down much, the melting will be fast, and the better effect will be obtained. During this period, use a lower voltage, silicon carbide companies maximum power, and maximize the temperature of the liquid level, so that the liquid level forms a "red cap", at this time, the control can be ended.

(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers in china)Refining stage: refining is the last stage, the brown aluminum oxide purpose is to finally complete the quality requirements. α - alumina affects the hardness and melting point of brown corundum materials. Aluminum ash is the product of the molten slag produced in the production process of electrolytic aluminum or cast aluminum, which is mainly composed of fused alumina, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and iron oxide.

In particular, it has a decisive influence on the color of pink corundum and the crystallization segregation of β - Al2O3. In principle, it is better to smelt for 20 to 30 minutes after the furnace surface is completely red covered. In addition to sufficient time, it is also necessary for the molten liquid to have enough high temperature to keep the liquid level stable and black oxide aluminum slow cooling, so as to facilitate impurity segregation.(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers in china)

The incoming materials must meet the quality standards, and the brown aluminium oxide processing method of unqualified materials is not set. The mature bauxite is used to enter the plant, the anthracite is used as the carbon material, and the cast iron chips are used as the iron chips. white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit is composed of α - alumina grains, which are bonded together by a small amount of glass like slag. Most of the glass like slag is composed of silica and chin dioxide.

(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers in china)Due to the low solubility of glass slag in α - alumina, if there is too much silica, mullite will be formed with silicon carbide price, which will reduce the toughness of brown corundum; if there is too much Qin dioxide, aluminum qinate will be formed with alumina, which will cause cracks between α - alumina grains and reduce the strength of glass beads supplier. The method of gradually reducing the current and slowly shutting down the furnace should be adopted.

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