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Brown Fused Alumina Grit Manufacturers USA

The layout of the charge, that is, the formula of the charge in each part must adapt to the gas flow in the aluminum oxide grit furnace during the refining process, so that the actual composition of the material in each part is most suitable for the needs of aluminum oxide abrasive media generation. The so-called new material refers to the material made of silicon sand, coke and other raw materials.

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The reason why it is called new material is to distinguish it from reheated material, burned material and spent material. The new white alumina material ratio refers to the ratio of carbon to silica in the furnace charge, which can be expressed in three ways: Carbon-silicon ratio = mass of carbon / mass of silica, theoretical value is 0.6. green silicon carbide ratio = mass of silicon dioxide / mass of carbon, theoretical value is 1.67, theoretical value of 37.5 ratio.(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers usa)

The ratio of the new brown fused alumina material used in the actual formula is usually not equal to the theoretical value. This is because silicon dioxide will become a gaseous silicide (SiO2, SiO, Si) flowing from the lower part of the reaction material to the side and the upper part. Because the gas flow direction in the synthetic corundum furnace is from bottom to top, there is more gas in the upper part, so more wood chips should be added in the upper part than in the lower part. 

(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers usa)Therefore, the lower part should be equipped with more black corundum than the theoretical value, and the side and upper parts should be more. With carbon. Considering the oxidation of carbon and the loss of exotherm, the carbon-silicon ratio of the lower material is close to the theoretical value, and the carbon-silicon ratio of the upper material and the middle black silicon carbide material is much larger than the theoretical value.

This is because the moisture content of wood chips fluctuates greatly, and the brown aluminum oxide purpose of adding wood chips is to occupy the volume and increase the permeability of the charge. Because wood chips will reduce the bulk density of the charge, reduce the main ingredients, and produce harmful gases such as mercaptan (CHSH) during emery abrasive smelting, so it should be added as little as possible while ensuring good air permeability.(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers usa)

The sequence of the pink corundum simple algorithm is: estimate the quantity of regrind m (kg) per part: estimate the quantity of quartz sand W (kg) per part; when the roasting process is used, the raw materials have been aggregated into a good air permeability during the aluminum oxide abrasive melting process Coarse particles, so generally do not add wood chips in the ingredients. This simplifies the batching process and eliminates the side effects of adding wood chips.

The addition of wood chips to the reaction material will reduce the bulk density of the charge, brown aluminium oxide which is unfavorable to the output, but the insulation material does not have this problem, modulus = the percentage of mass of carbon to total carbon and silica, so the insulation material can add more wood chips than the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive reaction material to increase the permeability of the material. Usually the amount added is less than 15% by volume.

(brown fused alumina grit manufacturers usa)The linden wood chips are usually added in volume. The larger the size of the silicon carbide abrasive, the larger the pore size of the furnace charge, and the better the air permeability, so less wood chips are used than the finer silica sand. The salt added during the process of refining aluminum oxide 40 grit melts the pores of the charge and the permeability of the charge decreases, so the green furnace adds wood chips more than the black furnace. 

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