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The carbon slag and anode fragments in the tank must be cleaned(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). If due to various reasons, the single-tank aluminum tapping work cannot be completed within the rated time (such as 20 minutes), the plant control machine must be notified again. The second is to rely on strict supervision and inspection(alumina grit). The actual appearance is completely unrecognizable.

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Please clean the groove for lifting the cover and the sundries of the rear cover(80 grit aluminum oxide). According to the above aluminum tapping process, the ladle reaches the rated capacity, close the compressed air network, suck out the hose under the balance, operate the crane, move the ladle full of molten aluminum to the channel, and move the ladle on the large surface. The direction of the straw is the same as the direction of walking(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale).

Secondly, place the bag on the bag seat of the bag car, take the center of gravity of the bag, and align the straw to the middle of the rear of the car, and confirm that the crane's hanging head is 1 meter away from the bag hoisting ring before the car can be lifted; Make a car smell(green silicon carbide). Therefore, cover the cover and repeat the force several times to squeeze the asbestos rope out of the groove(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). 

Fill out the lead record sheet(corundum sand), calculate the actual aluminum output, and send the lead record sheet for a single tank to the computer room before leaving get off work(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). The focus of the aluminum tapping operation is to prepare the package, and the quality control point of the work is the precision of the suction and the amount of electrolyte(150 grit aluminum oxide). The surface calculation accuracy is consistent. 

The day shift also has the task of lifting busbars and other tasks(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). Therefore, the aluminum tapping time should not be too long (normally, each tank occupies Time 5-8 minutes, plus rough cleaning package, each shift does not exceed 2 hours). It takes at least 20 minutes to change the suction tube(pink corundum). Solution: One is to strengthen the education of workers' awareness of work quality, and improve the ethics of responsibility.

In addition, the aluminum outlet must be opened before the pipe is down, so that the caustic soda is removed and the sediment is pushed away to prevent the pipe from being blocked when the pipe is sucked out. Special attention must be paid to the fact that several tanks are sucked out of the large package aluminum at a time(120 grit aluminum oxide). Sometimes the sucker is inattentive in the first few sets, but the total amount is leveled on the last one(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale).

The measure to ensure accuracy is that the crane hydraulic sample (or electronic scale) must be accurately indicated(60 grit aluminum oxide), and it is required to check and proofread frequently, and the suction worker accurately grasps the instructions of the hydraulic sample(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). At present, before the aluminum tapping, the trough controller is notified of the aluminum tapping, and the computer transfers to the tapping monitoring program(black corundum). 

Gently shake the hand wheel of the bag to adjust the suction pipe mouth to be about 5 m away from the bottom of the furnace to prevent precipitation or electrolyte from being pumped up (note that the suction pipe cannot touch the anode and the bottom of the protection)(black silicon carbide manufacturers), and the crane operator is required to carry the bag when operating the crane Do not touch the operating floor and the upper structure of the electrolytic cell(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale).

This will bring chaos to the management of technical conditions, and even worsen the situation, which is extremely harmful(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). If the specified time (such as 20 minutes) has not been notified after the notification is completed, the trough control machine will automatically cancel the notification(white fused alumina). Electrolyte overabsorption means that the straw has not been lowered into the lead water layer, and the air is sucked out.

Therefore, in a work shift, in addition to aluminum tapping, the crane also needs to change anodes, load materials, clean and maintain(100 grit aluminum oxide). Immediately close the compressed air valve for aluminum tapping: stop aluminum tapping; The aluminum outlet pipe must be taken out of the chair(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). Take two sections of pomegranate rough about 1.6m and one section of asbestos rope about 0.5m and tighten them into bundles(240 grit aluminum oxide).

Insert the observation hole into the slot, use glass disease, and plug the seam path with fine asbestos thread: carry out the re pointing work of lifting the package and suction tube by hand(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale); Install the package lifting nozzle and connect the end 1 of the air hose for the ejector with the nozzle through a quick connector(black fused alumina). Carry the bag on the large surface, and the direction of the straw is the same as the walking direction.

Tighten the cover and cover the back cover several times(pink fused alumina). Lock the cover and clean the slot of the observation hole. Operate the insulating crown block to lift the package from the package lifting base, record the weight of empty package lifting after the package lifting is stable, operate the ordinary insulating crown block, and lift the package lifting to the front of the furnace that will be sucked out of the furnace(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale).

When there is a large error in a certain measure, it should be consciously remedied (if you pay less and then pay for business(180 grit aluminum oxide), you should go back if you pay more)(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). Connect the compressed air hose of the ejector with the main air pipe of the crown block hook, open the air on button, block the suction pipe mouth with gloves, and judge whether the sealing performance is good by feeling the suction force(alumina abrasive). 

If the time from the general simulation time to the actual aluminum production time exceeds the specified time, re report the aluminum production, enable the plant control computer to start the control program, and record the cell voltage and the reading of the gyroscope(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). Conduct general inspection (appearance inspection) of ordinary insulated crown block(steel shot abrasive); Inspect the appearance of the common insulated crown block scale.

Observe the suction by lifting the bag(white aluminum oxide grit), closely observe the change of the displayed value of the crown block scale, and close the compressed air valve when the suction value is approaching(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). Operate the crown block, align the suction pipe with the aluminum outlet, and slowly insert the suction pipe into the groove to make the suction pipe touch the furnace bottom(black silicon carbide). Check whether the compressed air nozzle is blocked.

The difference between the operation process and the normal pole changing operation is that the anode has fallen off and the residual electrode alkali block cannot be pulled out(glass bead abrasive). The small falling off block can be pulled out with a needle, hook and other tools, while the large falling off block must be clamped out with the help of a special clamp and the aluminum guide rod must be placed on the tray for the abnormal pole(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale).

Install the asbestos rope into the groove and press it gently to basically fill the groove(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). The rear cover is filled with stone comb rope in the shape of sugar in the cover(46 grit aluminum oxide). Operate the crown block to lift the package slowly, move the aluminum outlet pipe out of the hole, and record the voltage value after tapping displayed by the sleeve controller and the reading of the gyroscope after the anode is adjusted by the plant controller.

If it is blocked, remove it; Check the sealing performance of the package cover(garnet abrasive price). If it is found that the sealing performance is not good, adjust or replace the asbestos rope and reseal the package(brown fused alumina grit size f220 wholesale). 5 minutes before the lead discharging operation, press the aluminum discharging notification key on the sleeve control computer corresponding to the slot to send aluminum discharging operation information to the computer(30 grit aluminum oxide).

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