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Brown Fused Alumina Grit Suppliers Poland

According to the national standard of brown aluminium oxide specialty in China, the abrasive and grinding powder are divided into 27 sizes from No. 4 to No. 240. The materials with combined particle size are divided into three groups, some of them are divided into four groups, and other methods can also be used. The larger the particle size is, the finer the particle size is. See the table for the brown fused alumina 60 grit particle size of each particle size.

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When the refractory factory purchases the white alumina finished products for abrasives, it can select the required particle size of the refractory products according to the particle size. Magnetic separation is realized by the effect of magnetic force and mechanical force on minerals in the magnetic field of magnetic separator. Factors affecting screening efficiency: humidity of aluminium oxide grit suppliers materials. Then each group was screened step by step from coarse to fine.

In the process of black corundum production, because the frit is watered and cooled, it sometimes makes the grinding powder agglomerate and difficult to screen. The material must be dried before screening. Screen parameters. In a proper range, the width of the screen is directly proportional to the brown fused alumina factory production efficiency, and the screen length is also directly proportional to the screening efficiency, and determines the screening time. Screen quality.

However, the screen can not be too long, silicon carbide abrasive which is not allowed by the manufacture of the screening machine, nor economic. The quality of screen directly affects the screening effect and product quality. It is required that the mesh and screen wire shall be uniform, its size shall meet the requirements of the corundum white screen standard, the effective area shall be as large as possible, the strength of the wire shall be high, and there shall be no weaving defects.

In the process of corundum smelting, the ferrosilicon alloy and corundum in corundum like brown corundum and sub white corundum can not be completely separated; in the process of crushing, the iron worn from the equipment is mixed with the particles. If such materials are used to make black silicon carbide products, it will cause iron spots, reduce the quality of white fused alumina oxide mfg products and even become unqualified products. Therefore, iron must be removed by magnetic separation.

All kinds of brown fused alumina minerals have different magnetism. The non-magnetic particles are affected by the centrifugal force , throw forward, thus completing the separation process of magnetic separation. At present, the low intensity magnetic separator is also used for pre magnetic separation, and then the high strength magnetic separator is used for magnetic separation, brown fused alumina suppliers with good effect, so that the screen has a long service life. 

When the mineral particles pass through the magnetic field of the pink corundum magnetic separator, the different magnetic induction ability of the magnetic particles and the non-magnetic particles will lead to different movement tracks, which can separate the magnetic materials from the raw materials, the ferromagnetic materials are adsorbed on the surface of the drum, and the non-magnetic particles fall down with the drum rotating to the non-magnetic area at the rear.

The factors that affect the efficiency of magnetic separation are as follows: the intensity of magnetic field or the brown aluminum oxide magnetic force of magnetic field, the magnetic coefficient of the magnetic substance in brown corundum is large, so the magnetic field intensity of magnetic separator is usually 64 ~ 127ka / M (800 ~ 16000e). This method eliminates the disadvantages of the first two methods and improves the green silicon carbide screening efficiency.

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