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Brown Fused Alumina Manufacturer In China

White corundum, brown corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide and other abrasives are also becoming more and more complete. In 1934, boron carbide with hardness higher than corundum and silicon carbide appeared again. In 1936, there appeared a semi brittle corundum between white corundum and brown corundum. At the same time, a metal bonded natural diamond wheel is produced. In 1946, single crystal corundum came out.

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In 1954, GE company, kaplundon white fused alumina company and Norton company of the United States cooperated to make a device for reproducible diamond production. Boron nitride was produced in 1957. Chrome corundum was produced around 1962. In 1963, it produced zirconium corundum, which is mainly used to grind billet and other silicon carbide abrasive materials under the condition of high grinding pressure. Vanadium corundum appeared in 1970.(brown fused alumina manufacturer in china)

However, after self-made adult made white aluminum oxide Abrasives, there is only a short history of more than 100 years from the use of grinder to now, and grinding has become an indispensable basic process of mechanical processing. The enterprises of Coated Abrasives base industry should seize the opportunity to increase investment in technological innovation, and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with famous domestic and foreign aluminum oxide grit manufacturers.

(brown fused alumina manufacturer in china)In today's world, although the use of white aluminium oxide abrasives is still dominated by machinery manufacturing industry, the use of abrasives has far exceeded its own grinding scope and expanded towards steel-making, refractory, construction engineering, electric heating elements and other industries. With the rapid development of science and technology, brown fused alumina manufacturer Abrasives in other fields will also open up more innovative ways.

At present, China's economy is still in the stage of rapid development. The output of steel and automobile ranks first in the world. The black aluminum oxide processing industries of metal and wood are developing rapidly. The demand for high-quality and multi varieties of coated abrasives, especially for abrasive belts, is increasing day by day. To jointly improve the technical level and quality level of China's white fused alumina manufacturer and promote the rapid development of China's coated abrasives industry!

In particular, China's implementation of the important strategy of "one belt and one road" and "2025 pink corundum manufacturing in China", and strengthening a large number of key projects such as urbanization and high-speed railway, have opened up broad prospects for the use and development of coated abrasives. Since ancient times, abrasive Abrasives have gone through a long historical period from natural to white fused alumina suppliers and even development.(brown fused alumina manufacturer in china)

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