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According to the characteristics of brown fused alumina safety in winter, combined with the actual production, we should take multiple measures at the same time, and further build the safety production foundation of brown corundum in winter through "four strengthening". Strengthen the propaganda and management of "five prevention" in winter.

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Combined with the brown aluminum oxide contents of "five prevention" in winter, do a good job in patrol and supervision of water, electricity, pipe network and key fire-fighting parts; organize employees to carry out fire prevention knowledge learning and improve their fire prevention awareness; strengthen vehicle maintenance and driver safety education, and require aluminum oxide grit drivers to abide by traffic rules and drive safely; distribute cold proof materials.(brown fused alumina manufacturer usa)

Strengthen hidden danger control and monitoring. Carry out the major inspection of safety brown aluminium oxide production, focus on the screening of production site, key equipment and facilities and key places, rectify the hidden dangers and problems in time, and implement the output management. Strengthen production process management. As for the freezing of raw materials, it is required that the synthetic corundum block should be kept cool for at least one day before transfer.

(brown fused alumina manufacturer usa)The crushing personnel should not feed in large quantities to prevent the white aluminium oxide frozen block from entering the production line and blocking the screen. In view of the hard fracture of the conveyor belt, the preheating management method of the equipment is formulated. After the conveyor belt idles for a period of time, the rigid belt can be fully softened, which can reduce the emery abrasive probability of belt fracture. Strengthen the safety management of outdoor loading personnel.

In the later stage, the price of domestic aluminum oxide market will further decrease slightly, and the price of black corundum will rise or stop. In winter, when the outdoor temperature is low, the operators freeze their hands and feet, especially the broken ones, and they will be hurt if they don't pay attention. In view of this problem, in addition to the development of white fused alumina manufacturer relevant countermeasures, it is also necessary to improve the working conditions.

(brown fused alumina manufacturer usa)Since the middle and last ten days of November 2014, the price of aluminum oxide powder, the raw material of white corundum, has been basically stable. At present, the actual transaction price of white corundum has a certain downward trend. The reasons for the current price fluctuation of pink corundum also include that in December, most enterprises began to speed up the speed of fund collection and complete bank loans.

Some enterprises stop silicon carbide abrasive production and digest existing inventory due to early environmental protection control. It is reported that there are different opinions on the future trend of white corundum in the market at present. Some enterprises think that the price of raw aluminum oxide in the early stage is abnormally increased, and the imported 1200 grit aluminum oxide is also filling the demand of the domestic market.(brown fused alumina manufacturer usa)

Some enterprises also said that at present, there is a large demand for green carborundum in the domestic electrolytic aluminum market, and the price of alumina is likely to be further increased, so white corundum will be affected by the price of raw materials again. such as cotton padded jacket and warm shoes for employees to keep them warm for the winter; provide finished 46 grit aluminum oxide product warehouse rooms. At the same time, the daily pre shift meeting will be used to remind operators to minimize unsafe factors. 

(brown fused alumina manufacturer usa)As far as the current silicon carbide companies Market is concerned, most of the production enterprises are based on sales, and reduce the inventory under the premise of unclear trend of raw materials. Purchasers should also purchase according to their own needs, and continue to pay attention to the future trend of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit. Make up leakage at the top to prevent water from entering into the roof in rainy and snowy weather and affect product quality.

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