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The groove datum shall be handed over to the calculation station by the final approver(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). For example, after various group leaders have discussed and studied, they can be implemented after being reported to the shift leader for review(brown fused alumina size sand). When it is necessary to change the benchmark in the middle of the month, it shall be proposed to the shift leader in the form of a written report. 

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The better the consistency of the technological conditions of the whole series of tanks and the better the stability of the whole series of machinery operation, the easier it is for the whole series to enter the "best overall" state(aluminium oxide blasting media). The on-site operator can get a new benchmark from the calculation station or the shift supervisor(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). Change of groove benchmark: if necessary, it can be changed in the middle of the month. 

In addition, the adjustment principle of the benchmark blanking interval(aluminium oxide grit suppliers): it is mainly determined according to the actually weighed blanking amount of the alumina feeder (for example, this change may be caused when the source of alumina raw material changes), and the auxiliary reference information such as material balance (phase bottom precipitation) and effect control (effect coefficient)(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria).

The team leader shall submit a report and determine it according to the above groove benchmark determination procedure(garnet blasting media). If the electrolyte level is high, the contact area between anode and electrolyte is large, which reduces the voltage. In addition, the adjustment principle of the standard value of effect interval (or effect coefficient)(60 grit aluminum oxide): it is determined according to the actual situation of the effect(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). 

However, too low or too high electrolyte will also bring problems(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). Multiply the ES value of workshop, workshop and area by this system to obtain the statistical average voltage value, and then calculate the average voltage index within the process area(refractory materials). After three months of actual production, we will consider the current situation of the tank and make a draft of the tank benchmark recommendations for each group.

On site records and reports(white aluminium oxide grit), the team leader shall write the groove benchmark (draft proposal) on the benchmark preparation table, and then propose it to the shift leader(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). The typical size of the inner shape of the groove grain is shown in the figure(black silicon carbide). Some companies have tighter restrictions on the modification authority, and ultimately must be approved by the branch (technical department or quality control materials).

The approved groove benchmark shall be recorded in the operation log, and the groove number and change content of the changed groove benchmark shall be marked(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The traditional lead electrolysis process adopts the process and technical conditions characterized by high polymer ratio and high temperature (high superheat)(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). Even if the molecular ratio rises to make the electrolyte neutral or even alkaline, it doesn't care.

The problem caused by too low electrolyte level is that the stability of (liquid) electrolyte composition (including lead oxide concentration) in the electrolytic cell is poor(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). The calculation station records and reports, and the computer system of the calculation station stores the monthly tank benchmark, change and implementation in detail(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). In addition, it allows the electrolyte composition to change in a large range.

Therefore, the means of reducing the cell voltage by reducing the pole distance (i.e. reducing the set voltage) should be used with caution(silicon carbide powder). Companies that have looser restrictions on modification authority may impose strict regulations on the parameters and scope of modification permitted in the tank benchmark(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). This layer of crust is composed of corundum and ice stone deposited on the side wall of the electrolysis(corundum abrasive).

The goal of electrolyte composition management is to keep the electrolyte composition (mainly molecular ratio) of the electrolytic cell within the optimal range specified in the process standard(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The adjustment principle of the standard value of aluminum wood height is determined according to the recent current efficiency, effect mass, heat balance (tank temperature), voltage pin vibration and swing time(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). 

To sum up, the calculation formula of DC power consumption is(garnet supply): DC power consumption - 2980 × The cell voltage (V) / current efficiency (%)(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). It can be calculated that if the cell voltage is reduced from 415V to 41lv, resulting in the current efficiency being reduced from 94% 4 to 93%, not only the current efficiency is lost by 1%, but also the DC power consumption per ton of aluminum is increased by about 1 wh(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

Thermal stability is also poor(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). Second, the slot benchmark modification authority granted by different companies is different(120 grit aluminum oxide). For example, the following determination procedures are adopted. At the end of each month, each team leader will discuss and study, and analyze according to the monthly report(black corundum). It has the planting wall thickness, which refers to the thickness of the thinnest part of the groove bore side (groove wall).

The work area is summarized and submitted to the workshop after organized review, and the workshop is summarized and submitted to the branch (technical department or quality control department) after organizational review(aluminum oxide blasting grit). After the factory organization deliberated, the holographic slot benchmarks were formulated and implemented(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). However, some companies have looser restrictions on the modification authority.

For example, some companies do not include the molecular ratio in the tank benchmark, that is, groups are not allowed Long modify the standard value of the numerator ratio of the normal running tank(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The determination of the slot benchmark should follow the principle that the whole series is as consistent as possible and changes as little as possible, that is, the pursuit of "commonality" and the care of "individuality"(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria).

In the electrolytic cell, the tank lip is equivalent to a protective layer for the side internal material to protect the inner village from the corrosion of the electrolyte melt(white fused alumina). In the electrolytic tank, the existence of the tank lip is to extend the lead electrolysis. Important conditions and means for phase life(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria). Some companies do not give the workshop and below management personnel the right to modify the molecular ratio.

The adjustment principle for setting the voltage standard range(glass bead abrasive): depending on the thermal balance (tank temperature), the quality of the effect, the condition of the effect, the occurrence of voltage pin vibration and swing, control as much as possible within the lowest range(white alumina powder). On-site workers often use this section to adjust the thermal balance of the electrolytic sleeve, but it is a measure that must not be taken face-to-face(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria).

The adjustment principle of the standard value of electrolyte height(brown fused alumina manufacturers nigeria): The standard value is determined mainly according to the heat balance (tank temperature)(alumina blasting). For example, if the electrolysis temperature is too high, the standard value of the electrolyte height will be increased by 1~2cm(steel shot abrasive); on the contrary, if the electrolysis temperature is too low, the standard value of the electrolyte height will be lowered by 1~2cm.

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